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Helicopter Operations

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Rotor Boy


You had to be here earlier to understand the depth of the conversation and my suspension from posting that Skywrench repealed once we agreed on a solution to the popular yet contraversial "good list thread". I have agreed that any ongoing construction of a fair , democratic and transparent rating scheme for companies will be done in private. Although there are no specific libel issues with "good things" I agreed with skywrench that an independent venue would be more appropriate.



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Caaviation is analagous to a newspaper or magazine. It purports to publish news. On its web page there is button for news and also a column on the left hand side for news. It matters little that news rarely appears there. It solicits advertising and seeks out clients for web site hosting and design. The essential purpose of the forum is to draw traffic to the web site which is then exposed to the advertising.


But the forum has become a soapbox for the expression of ideas. Caaviation has gone to some lengths to facilitate this. They have provided forum users with a little bit of cover because users can at least be superficially anonymous when they post. Caaviation is apparently of the belief that ideas can be more easily disseminated and opinions more freely expressed if posters are protected against the potential rage that ideas and opinions often engender. This is rather sad comment on the democratic doctrine of free speech but is a realistic approach to encouraging debate.


Caaviation makes it clear in the General Rules that it can and will remove any messages that it deems inappropriate for any reason or for no reason. However, it does not examine every message before it is posted and will only do so afterwards and then probably only if objections are raised.


Caaviation has created a medium for the free expression of ideas and opinions. It has encouraged this by providing anonymity for its users. Its users express themselves freely and it does not actively examine posts before they are made publicly available. Having said all this, it seems clear that to delete posts because Caaviation or another party finds them to be objectionable is censorship.


The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states the following:


Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

-freedom of conscience and religion;

-freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

-freedom of peaceful assembly;

-freedom of association.


To what extent, if any, Caaviation, or any other agent acting through Caaviation, has deprived Canadian citizens of their right to these fundamental freedoms remains to be seen. Perhaps an organization such as the BC Civil Liberties Union would be interested in the case.


No one who posts on Caaviation can really expect their anonymity to be preserved. Posters who think so are naive. The helicopter establishment in Canada is a powerful and perhaps somewhat brutish force. If they want to know who is threatening the shaky pillars of their little empire, they will find out. And then what will happen to these names? They will be whispered amongst the operators and will spread like wildfire. And do you know what that is? It is a blacklist.


While honest and sincere expressions of opinion are occasionally obliterated by Caaviation, some infantile instances of name calling are not. A personal favorite is the replacement of 'Sisyphus' with 'Sissypuss'. The perceptive reader will recognize this for what it is, an inane attempt to disparage by one who lacks sufficient intellectual capacity to compose a decent insult.


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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I bet if you belonged to a union Sisyphus, you'd claim that rolling that rock was someone else's job... and if that didn't work you'd take a year off with a "back problem"... and if that didn't work perhaps a claim of substance abuse?


Fearmongering is something that really annoys me:


It's ok to drink tapwater

It's ok to eat fresh bread with butter

It's ok to drink beer (except in Mackenzie... the police lack a sense of humour)

It's ok to eat sushi (panfried if you prefer)

Et friggin cetera... and


It's ok to say what you're thinking about on this forum without worrying that someone will be "whispering".


Good god, you give way too much credit to the average helicopter company owner... most people don't have time to worry about what a bunch of pilots and engineers are saying on an online forum.


The exception is those who name names and make subtle implications they can't back up with any facts... go look in the mirror Sisyphus... if you can.




P.S. Your allusions to freedom of speech are a little specious at best. Are you familiar with the role of a moderator in a debate? Should a debate be a free-for-all in which the loudest person is the only one heard? As someone pointed out awhile ago on this forum, sometimes posts are made and continue to inflame for days. When this starts to detract from the purpose of the forum... which is healthy, friendly debate and sharing of news... then they should be deleted. This isn't censorship of freedom of speech... it's a little lubrication to keep the locomotive chuggin'

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Sisyphus ------Suggestion: perhaps if you were to post something positive or humourous every once in awhile, you'd find a different response. ****, I'd even get angry with my wife if she served me the same meal 6 times in a row.......and her name ain't Sisyphus. It may also surprise you that many on this site agree with SOME of your points made, but there's an old saying that applies here........"there's a difference between scraching your *** and tearing the **** out of it".

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