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205 Crash?


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L'edge, this is a quote from the Vortex article linked above....

"......a heightened profile of privacy issues, both from government and industry, mean it is no longer deemed appropriate to print......"


The reports seem to be back in the Vortex now, but supposedly they are 'unidentifiable', and only printed after the TSB report is finalised.


As soon as I get finished with all this 'paperwork', I'm gonna' call my MP about this !!

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Thanks for the intel CM. That' some pretty serious paper work!!


Kinds figures that the government would X such a vital link for safety info. Liability can easily be removed while preserving the lesson to be learned. Remove the registration, and the date and still describe what happened, would have been satifactory. It's really typical of what can only be described as stove pipe policy.


Like a said, a real backaswards move!


So much for learning from the mistakes of others!- dumb,dumb,dumb!!!

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Leadingedge--------want to know why? Get a copy of Carswell's "Canadian Case Law". Look under any Section to do with Privacy and see what the rulings have been on same that have come before all Canadian Courts. You will then have done exactly what the legal Counsels for the Solicitor General have done and you'll then know why. Something has them "spooked" or nervous in that regard, they ain't taking any chances and it would have all been passed on to the MOT.


There are nowadays what they call "Maddie's Laws". That's the first name of the lady that sued MacDonald's because she burned herself with their coffee because she claimed it was too hot. Since that time, all lawyers have given those types of rulings that type of name and it makes them all nervous because of the amounts sued for and won. Yes it happened in the States, but we have our own track record in that regard.

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I agree with your statement concerning the development of Canadian Case law, and matters concerning legal liability. We as a community of pilots with a license issued under the premise of TC Safety and Security should be immediately privy to those accidents that occur. (PERIOD).


When I joined this industry, back in the late 80's there was a real sense of education amongst the participants, and I too felt that safety and the lessons that could be learned would come from those who had for various reasons bungled into those situations. The VORTEX was the number 1 source for us to access those valuable lessons and indeed learn form the mistakes of others. Most pilots I know made a point of referring to them on a regular basis, and I have kept a record of every VORTEX I have received and dammit I read it very carefully and keep a conscious note of every screw up just so I don't make the same mistake. There is an enormous value in what was being communicated to us then.


I think its fair to remove registration and time so that it cannot be associated with any one company but to hinder or remove this valuable information in any part will surely have a long-term profound effect of the safety of this industry and is in fact very sad that things have taken the path they have.


Today, the industry is very different, new pilots that cannot even grease a head on a 206, and the standards of commercial readiness have taken a deep dive south, the removal of the vital lessons of safety gone now. or limited in any way is a recipe for disaster.


I remember Luan H. who signed my first PPC, telling me the value of this information. I am going to write him tomorrow and demand that there is more input and synopsis of accidents and incidents so that information that has helped keep me alive to today can help the new generation too.. Sure I have learned a few lessons but something tells me that there are still more valuable lessons to learn. So what F*cking Moron idiot would want to save his cash and liability for the sake of the lives of others is beyond contempt.





We should organize and as a group write the Minister with suggestions. To do nothing is retarded.


Oh and another thing too while we are at it "they can bring back the carburetor too " at least I could fix that.

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Leadingedge ----- know where you're coming from and agree totally, but you are confusing "common sense" with "justice". Otherwise you will see nothing wrong with doing as you please within the "privacy" of your home, as long as it is within the law....correct? I agree with that stand also, but last week the courts ruled on Ontario that if what you are doing in your home, can be viewed by anyone in another home and it offends them, it is considered an invasion of their privacy and you will be charged. By the way, the party charged lost their case. So make sure that when your wife straightens out her panty hose in the kitchen that the curtains are closed TIGHTLY. :lol:

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Well Cap


I guess that best thing I can say is that I am getting old, and that fight for what is right is still worth fighting for. I only wish the best for those new up and comers who really deserve the best and to be kept informed for their own good. The law, the law, the law, you are right! One would only hope under some form of divine wisdom that it would not forsake the value of life its self.


The law has some benefits but taken to the extreme when it contravenes what is the common good is really pushing it too far.


Lets hope that wisdom prevails!


Well I guess I will have to be happy being an old critical cynic for now, I only hope that my words and knowledge don't go un noticed or are cast aside in the face of monetary gain.


Dam life is too short to get rich, and you can't take it with you anyway!


My two cents



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Leadingedge ------agreed! One of the first "mile markers" of getting old is when you find it harder and harder to accept change, until one day arrives and EVERYTHING has changed. Sounds like you past your first "mile marker" some time ago......so SLOW DOWN! :lol:

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