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205 Crash?


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Cap , I understand what your saying, What my point is. That like every other

pilot in this forum, when we hear of an accident, we want to know what the cause was ASAP, because it may help us out the next day weather it was something that you may want to pay particular attention to on your machine your flying, or the gear your using to rig loads with etc. Every little bit of information we can get from these accidents is helpful. They help remind us of small details at times we can over look.

I'am very consicious of what I do and I don't need the reports to do my job safely, but I do know in the past they have brought somethings to attention that everyone of us can over look at one point or another and may save your A$$. Because that report may have helped remind you. We can never stop learning from one another and the mistakes we make. I'm not a perfect pilot and don't know it all, My chief pilot reminds me of that twice a year. :D


I have lost a few firends myself to this industry, let me tell you the first thing I did was want to know what happened, To this day I think of one firend that messed up by not looking over a pass as he flew over it and into a cloud, I will tell you that I think of him everytime I'm faced with the same situation as I'm going through a pass.

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FireHawk ---understand fully, but I personally don't want to know many times myself and I'll give an example why. Quite a number of years ago now, some "high forehread" at Bell decided that they were going to change things around with the "supershaft" on the 205. Well, until someone got some brains working and changed it back to the way it was, there were plenty of 205's that bit the dust and in some ugly ways. I was on a 205 at that time and didn't need my engineer or someone else running up to me to tell me another one just went down because of .......... They could have all kept that "sh*t" to themselves and kept me in blissful ignorance until I got THE phone call from company that said "you're grounded baby".. I knew what the on-going problem was and didn't need a "blow by blow", daily up-date. Again...."to each his own" I guess.


I understand your point and for those that want it again, I hope everyone gets their wish. Undoubtedly, few if any, think the same as I do. I don't know....perhaps my feelings are a result of happenings long ago, in a place very far away, where I didn't need to know that and wanted nothing else than to be allowed to revel in my ignorance for as long as possible because it would find me sooner or later.

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Cap...I was working for a 205 operater in the late 70's early 80's who were 'super shaft" worried and sent back the shafts for overhaul every 200 hour.


The problem was I installed one of the overhauled shafts and after a 3 hour flight the next spent 3 days in northern Labrador waiting for another shaft.



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Yeah, well that was another occasion during my life when I asked "why me?" because it took out and badly injured some real good pilots. I suppose I don't want the answer to that question either until I've "hung-up my guns for good". ....and then I can un-plug the hearing-aide. :lol:

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