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Couple Of Questions From The New Guy

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Ok. Just checked with my instructor. There are aftermarket hooks available, but not from Robinson. My R-22 Beta manual (not Beta II) has the mention "no external loads permitted" in it. Must be somebody did an STC or something...


BTW, 400lbs is max pax+std fuel payload in a Beta II, so how do you lift 400lbs ? Install remote controls ? (the '22 is small enough to pass as an RC after all ;) )

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When I was in the whitcourt area working, A.E.S did the 2200hr overhauls on both the 22 and 44 but they couldn't do the conversion for the hydraulics on the 44 so if you wanted the hydraulics put in you had to take the machine to california. But I 'm sure that they now do the conversion ,Its been about three years since I've worked there :D





cheers :up:

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I have been told I have a LOT of ambition and a passion for al things helicopter :up: I took it upon myself to do the math, i was promised by a person that they would pay half for my liscence, i got to thinking how much is half, if I plan on going to a flight school right out of high school I will still need 30grand and if im only making 8 a year than I had better step up and get it together, my original goal was to come out of flight school debt-free so that if I wasnt one of those 60% that get a job within a year I wouldn't be in trouble :shock:


PS. by peripherals I didn't mean sleaping quarters, I was talking barrel fueling, slinging, long-lining, bucketting etc. anyone can sleep in a tent. The other goal I have is to fly the 212, shes my favorite heli :D .



Thanks Cole :up:

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