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407 Rh "bubble Window" Useless?

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Hello to ALL, eusa_clap.gif

I wonder if I´m the only pilot worldwide cool.gif who has troubles while external loading because the bubble window protrude simply too little eusa_wall.gif, and because the helmet shape (Alpha Eagle) thumbs.gif doesn´t allow to turn the head to monitor the panel (yes, we have a BINGO new GX!). boohoo.gif

Let me know, thanks and STAY SAFE

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VIH bubble is huge!! works well. Ive used the dart bubble as well with a Gallet and a Alpha with no troubles. But if you have a head on ya like a $50 cabbage or wear a bigger style helmet it could get annoying especially if your over 5'11 or so.

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Too funny bell powered.


Here is the bottom line.


The air line industry is suggestively governed by international bodies like ICAO, IATA etc. As we work in a predominantly new industry the international community has yet to understand that Human Beings that live in the developed nations due to better nutrition and vitamins etc are getting much bigger, as decade pass... ever wonder why your knees hurt after a 8 hr flight to Nairobi, and you can't feel your *** or stand up.. Well it's because the engineering specs are so far out of whack with the ergonomic requirements of today's average human, you may ask why it hasn't changed... Easy. less money to be made more material cost more money etc. and the little ******* short guy who just stabbed the tall guy in the back and got promoted to finance is not going to authorize the expenditure. Its far easier to just cram you in a seat and cause inadvertent knee bruising. Complained once to KLM and they said " well pay for business class" Said whoa that's discrimation and why don't you make sure that the shorties can't book the economy comfort seats so there is some availability for the average size normal peope /persons, when I want one...it's avialable .. It's tall person discrimination period.


In a parallel kind of way the engineers who develop these new fancy flying machines at Bell , EC etc and the various accessories for the rotary industry, same same... For a more detained description please see....





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