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Class D With An H300

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This was actually done privately and was done after consulting with and getting a go ahead from Transport Canada. There are no CARS about external loads privately. This also had nothing to do with BCH or any promotion attempts.

This was just two brothers, both pilots, just wanting to fulfill a dream.

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While I agree it sends the wrong message to use a helicopter like it was in the video, that resonates with us because we're commercial helicopter pilots living in a world where everything we do is scrutinized and we can't go get a coffee without some discussion of "risk" or "exposure". The fact is that if used privately there is no difference between what they were doing in the video and what we see people doing with skidoos, seadoos, boats, trucks, quads or even skateboards!


While I think that people will see it and want to get their licence so they can go do it too we can't help people who want to take risks just for the thrill. So does it send the wrong message? Yeah, it does... but it's a free country so everyone should refrain from passing judgment on others' activities lest we suffer the same thing ourselves!


My 2 cents...



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