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It is hard to have sympathy for people who call themselves professionals and work for those wages. Lowering the bar for the whole industry.I said to a friend once that said company had great training he laughed and said yeah that's great compensation when you can't pay your mortgage or get a good divorce lawyer.


Hopefully when said company need's drivers people will remember the greed of that rat Bass Turd CEO.

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As someone who found themselves unexpectedly having a lot of free time this fall, I can tell you (at least in BC) that after a lengthy application process, and only if you have all your ducks in a row, and only if you get approved, the gov would foot the bill for 50% of additional skills training up to a maximum of $7500. So for IFR, you'd still need to come up with another $6k-$8k?


Things you'll have to do in the process include, but are not limited to:

- Full, detailed job search record

- Proof of employment opportunities for people with the qualifications you're looking to get (postings must clearly state Full-time AND Permanent)

- Several workshops ranging from 1/2 days to multi days

- Labour Market Research, including interviews with 3 employers and 3 employees

- Financial needs assessment (a full breakdown of your net worth, assets, expenses, dependants, etc etc)

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suck it up and pay up, i did five years ago and have never felt better.....i do miss the heliski.

5 years ago is a little different from today Sparky. I know guys with thousands of hours, IFR, ATPL and twin time. They aren't getting calls back from IFR companies.


You must be real good at IFR with your head that far up your Arse!

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