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on a trip home yesterday, got into a good southern flow :D


indicated 120 kts 73% tq gps ground speed 193 kts :up:


was in it for about 4 minutes, then went back down to a paultry 168 kts.


just curious, have any of you seen 200 kts. ground speed ??


or conversely, the worst gs ??


remember a fellow describing his flight in a bell 47 up the number 2 from calgary to edmonton in a strong northerly, and was quite upset that the semi's were passing him :shock:

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Hello 407 too.Love your avitar.Did ya use to work with Kenting?I worked with them in the mid 70s.Had a blast. I think the highest ground speed I have ever had was in a Bell 222.Indicated was 130 kts,gps showing just a tad over 200kts.We actuall got a call from Sitka to squak an ident because we were passing the adis and the speed was much more than we had filed. :shock:


Take care Mini..............

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My first scare: Doing a pipeline surveillance patrol in an RH22 last year. Didn't really notice I was going much faster than usual (usually keep it at 90Kt IAS). Turbulance picked up some, so I slowed my airspeed down to about 60-70. When I got to the border and turned around, kept goin' south...backwards :shock: Had to climb about 1500 ft and go to 95Kt to start moving forward again. I ended up about 1km inside Vermont... :unsure:

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Hey there 407too...I guess I'll have to rename myself 407 tootwo...as I drive one myself....years back going from Winnipeg to Red Lake in a jetbox and long before GPS's,a flight that normally would take 1.6 hrs...I was there in 1.0 hrs...can't remember the distants,but she was some fast for that old 2x6.Another guick one was a flight from Island Lake to Pickle Lake...this would normally require refueling ....got there with 45 gallons left...can't remember the distance...but its a long haul. :D .There was one day in Island Lake...hydro called as usual when things are bad..ie,weather...they had a power outage...had to go look at some lines...well...the wind was really blowing....going west into the wind...ground speed was 60mph at 120 indicated...going the other way...you guessed it...180 mph in a jetbox..not a nice day...the downdrafts were unbelieveable around any kind of stuctures,treelines,etc...learned a lesson on when to say no :( :shock: PS..I also worked for Kenting in the 70's for a short stint...still have a Klondike/Kenting hat,the red ones...was there when the first blue ones were handed out.

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One of the first times I left the circuit by my self I caught a nice tail wind heading back to the A/P. Indicated showed about 80kts, but my rough estimate was 120 kts ground speed in the R-22. Didn't last more than a minute.

Even did the backwards flight in a Cessna 172 once. Now that is a creepy feeling.

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Not gps but averaged 175 KTS ( Not counting stops ) on a ferry from Edmonton to Montreal in an L-1 was at 9000 ft all the way. In the fall - quick trip.


212 trip from Sault St Marie to Sudbury we climbed to 9000 one windy winter's night and got 210 Kts on the GPS - a real quick flight. Before you ask we were not over the VNE.

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sharkbait/mini, i can just hear the controller - your in a WHAT ??



DGP, still have the summer jacket somewhere in the basement, should try it on and see if it still fits :lol::lol:


skidz, THATS scary, "" sorry, but i can't vacate your airspace!! - can you pull me back ?? plese don't scramble on my account """

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