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Gentle Push = Greased Lightening

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Saw 200 knots once from St. John's to Hibernia @ 9000', (85 knots on the tail) trying to get on top (for fun)..........strange all the weird noises you hear when your up high. :shock: :shock:



...then on the other hand, on approach to runway 16 in Torbay, 120 kias makin 15 good over the ground.... Gander ATC.."ah......you guys gotta a problem" :rolleyes::rolleyes:


overheard this one the other day here in St. John's and thought it was hiliarious,

a aircraft in front of us has just completed a approach to mins


TWR: any comments on that approach


Clown: Well since you asked ,I would have to say, it was very very well flown. :up: :up:

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well this not a helicopter story, and I wasn't flying, but I was in the back seat of a J-3 Cub once,,,,,,fighting a brisk headwind, and as we chugged our way along this ridge line, I glanced over to my left to see a small group of cows walking faster than us flying. A J-3 feels like you are a childs kite on a string, definitely flying, but not going anywhere fast....

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