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Missing Jetranger

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T-rex ----- not in the late 70's-early 80's she didn't. She knows the Sukunka Valley, Pine Pass, Grizzly Valley, Williston Lake and every foot of Hydro line between the Bennet Dam and PG extremely well though.......not including many of the trees in those areas on a first-name basis. :lol: She definitely had a fat little Hummingbird on both sides then also.

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YES, good old HTR, a Ft Nelson A/C on my 1996 list. Skully, HTM was in Dawson Ck (HTM= half-tank-Mike :D ). That whole HT_ series were all great aircraft.


CAP, my personal favorite...HTS was in Chetwynd as per the 1996 list. When did you leave there? My last tour in the swamps was in early 1981. When I moved down south, I flew ex-Bow airplanes, BHI, BHE, etc.

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Hey everybody. FHTR was a Ft Nelson base machine until late May 2004 when the second stage compressor blade departed the wheel and destroyed the rest of the compressor. The pilot, between a cigarette and a coffee, landed without damage in a cut line big enough for a R22 between YoYO and Kotcho lake. The aircraft was sold shortly after. I have this info because the pilot is sitting in his tighty whiteys across from me stuffing his face with pork rinds.

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Skull, Okanagan bought a bunch of new 206B's in 1973. No idea why they chose "HT_", other than there were a couple Hiller 12E's with HT_ registrations already...

The HT_'s, (all 206B's in the 1,000 to 1,100 s/n range) I found on a quick search are....HTC, HTF, HTM, HTN, HTO, HTP, HTQ, HTR, HTS, HTT, HTU, HTV, HTX.

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