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Customer Service Reps

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Most pilot's are the customer service reps and by reading your responses to past post you seem like you are an angry little turd. Lighten up bud none of us are that important. And if your girlfriend/boyfriend screws up an order that jacks me out of several grand in revenue because they are an idiot!? You're **** straight they are going to be cut a new one.

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When we say customer service reps, that is a very broad topic. People in the Philippines working from a call center under sweat shop conditions are often on the other end of the phone. It's frustrating when they have trouble understanding you and I am always amazed at how polite they are!! Offshoring that type of thing is what you should protest, not the seeming lack of help you sometimes receive. There is little doubt they're working hard. 

If we're talking about service reps in the Canadian helicopter industry, such as Bell or Safran or Rolls, etc, then I must take exception with anyone treating them poorly because to a man (or woman) they're fantastic to deal with... there was the one guy who told me to keep flying the aircraft making excessive metal, but not to go too far from an airport! But he's long retired. The fact is the people taking care of that role in Canada are awesome... So I can't imagine why there would be abuse... Of course I have zero idea what Graycloudsonthehorizon is talking about, but I love a good controversy!


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we are on an aviation website, in the helicopter operations forum, so I do apologize to those who can't keep up and would assume I was talking to anyone but a customer service rep that we deal with in canada for helicopters.

Anyway I digress, I think the light bulb for a few might be shining a little brighter now. 

Thanks HV for sending some props to those who do a bang up job. They work hard. They may not be 100% perfect, but who is? Freck perhaps???



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