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Advancement Of The Helicopter Industry.

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Everybody including myself alludes to being an expert on everything helicopterwise, I know thru my years I have contributed to the advancement in some significant ways (and it's not by retiring) , some you live with everyday and do not know who is responsible.


My question to you is other than bitching, moaning and groaning.


What Have You Contributed to the Industry?????


This should be interesting.



Cheers, Don

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Lasted 31 years and lost one marriage and still going..........and I don't call that a contribution. However, I love the industry ups and have hated the industry downs. We have all made sacrifices both young and old and will continue, that is what makes it interesting. I always thought helicopter people were unique, strange but in a unique kind of way. The sound of a 47 firing up at dawn, the wisp of smoke coming out of the 204 exhaust stack prior to landing to todays new technology wave of helicopters are amazing. We are all cut from the same cloth, spun from the same wheel and we need to continue to support each other, young and old. My contribution? Keep the drive alive, respect those that helped me get where I am and never, never forget the ones that have paid the ultimate price. Might sound corney but that is how I feel about it.......

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Using the legal term "expert", I'm not expert at anything. I trust that my service in the F/W and R/W worlds has helped add respect for them both. I have enough letters of commendation, awards from the industry, etc. to indicate that I may be correct in that assertion. I entered the industry without any fanfare and if I'm lucky, I'll leave the same way.....quietly. After all these decades, I'd like to believe that I passed on some info that the odd pilot might have been able to use to make his life easier, make his job safer or get him back home to white sheets and a cool beer and/or his lady at night , but alas I think there's been more learning going on by me than passing any of my experience on to others. I'm afraid that I joined the industry at the "tail-end" of an era that I would have loved to be part of and when I leave the business I'll leave with one regret..... and it will be that I was not a full-fledged member of that era.


That's the best I can give ya Don and I always considered myself just part of the "lunch pail crowd" of the business. :D



Albert ------ I learned something from ya and I haven't been called a "low-timer" in this business for a number of weeks now :lol: ........and I'm not alluding to any mention about free Single Malt Scotch being available at certain locations worldwide either. :P

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Aw, cap - I'd send you some, but I tried that with Downwash some time ago and the Post Office people intercepted it! :(


I hear what you say about wanting to be part of that era, though - all the guys I've met from then who are still around have some great stories



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I have tried incredibly hard to dispell myths and rumours with some small success.


For instance, when we were renting a crewhouse the landlord said "I wouldn't rent a place to a bunch of guys normally... but seein' as how you're pilots and engineers I know you won't be drinking and carrying on..."


I could hardly contain my glee at another opportunity to dispell aviation myths... it only took a couple of days...:)




p.s. I have many other contributions but a lot of them are not fit for a young audience...

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Albert -------the quality of the average Canada Poste employee has risen in recent years and even they now like "quality", so I'd forgive them for "purloining" that "nectar of the Gods". That sounds much better tthan "intercepting".


As far as "that other era" goes, it was different times, a totally different crowd and the avaition industry was in a totally different stage of development. Many of that remaining crowd are not big fans of today's aviation and it's highly doubtful whether the majority of the present crowd would tolerate or enjoy any part of that bygone era. On a personal note, I enjoyed the necessity of having to rely on your own wits and abilities a lot more.......call it a "frontier mentality". It sure separated the "men from the boys" real quick, I can tell ya. :lol:

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