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Chl New Logo.....going Public.....bye Bye Chc

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The verbiage used is common to corporate mission statements, press releases and promotional materials. I've written enough of it to spot it from afar. Would be nice to see the previous logo and current logo side by side for comparison. Regardless, the new logo looks a bit non-descript (implies the desire to distance itself from former identity) yet trendy. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing. My 2¢ from the business world. :)

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Gentlemen, I have no comment on the new logo of CHL.


...other than....CHL says "50 years of experience" HA, give it a break, it was OKANAGAN from 1947 until 1987. They should reword that to 18 years of experience.


To Reddog etal, Re: OKANAGAN , Sorry that you feel that way about OK, I have no idea what transpired on the east coast, but in BC, the service levels, the high level of crew experience, and that famous family feeling died when CH-Sealand took over. Sure, it's gone, but I for one am very proud of OK. :up:


Luckily, there is still one small company in BC that keeps the old OK traditions of crew treatment alive and well. The last president of OK took over a great little company and made it even better, possibly better than OK, certainly much more successful.


Best of luck to CHL and their new public company.


T-Rex, I never had any company logos in the base toilets !


Talk to drunk'n Duncan :D

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I know absolutely nada about CHC or the new CHL; am only speaking from a 200+ company ideology behind radical changes where logo branding is concerned. 'Twas a previous life and non-aviation related, but corporate identity is corporate identity regardless of industry.


Having said that, I would only offer that perhaps the radical change from the former logo appears to imply a fresh slate or a new beginning—from the bold color change to the neo (new) symbolism (which is innovative in its right; sorry) to the lack of any carryover from the former logo. When visualizing it painted on the side of a helicopter, it is likely to be striking enough to be easily identifiable from a distance—an age-old strategy for setting a company apart from its competition.


There's my entire 4¢ and that's all I got. :) Good luck to all and be safe!

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