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Chl New Logo.....going Public.....bye Bye Chc

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I have my days. ;) I knew a pilot once who used to sing, "Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble." Nice to know that that attitude still proliferates. Ha! :D


And after a recent and lengthy debate with a dear buddy from this Forum—who kept making me define "normal"—I have learned that ordinary (normal, average, et al) are measured by your own standards and no one elses. That is to say, these words are not tangible and can be quite immeasurable. ;) I LOVE BEING ORDINARY. MAKES ME FEEL NORMAL. HA!


See what happens when you ignore my "am kidding." :bleh: Make it a great day, boyz and girlz!



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With all the history going on, here's one for you.


Does anybody know where the original name "Canadian Helicopters"

came from????


The name Canadian Helicopter Corporation was formed from the name, Canadian Helicopters. What year?????


Canadian Helicopetrs International was formed, what year ?????


I beleive Canadian Helicopters was formed in 1952 by Lloyd Ayers.


Okie was formed in 1948 and became Canadian Helicopeters as did Sealand.



Cheers Don

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"Sealand became "Godzilla" on the personnel, their expertise, the clients inherited from the buy-out"


Easy on Sealand slamming cap.... I worked for Sealand back then and a lot of what CHC became was due to the efforts of some good people from that side of the fence also! And if any one person can be "praised or blamed" ( depending on your point of view) for making CHC what they are today it would be Sylvan, and he sure wasn't Okie. And if the truth be know a lot of trouble the "new" company had back then was due to some of those people "inherited" from Okie. Some of which were vendictive and distructive. Some still with the company some not.



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Anyhoo, if I'm reading Reddog's statement right, it implies that non-flying professions (which could encompass AMEs, could it not?) are made up of ordinary people. Which makes you, JB,  ORDINARY.
What makes you think I'm an AME???????


See what happens when you ignore my "am kidding."  Make it a great day, boyz and girlz


I knew you were kidding, I just couldn't resist taking a shot anyways! B)

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Twitch -------I never said nor did I suggest that what you just stated was not true. Sealand did in fact have personnel who contributed greatly to their rise. By the same token, count the number of experienced IFR personnel that Okanagan had to contribute and then count those numbers for Sealand. CHI has done well, but never forget the "jado-assist" that it gave that rise in the world when they acquired the personnel, numbers of equipment, in-place contracts worldwide and expertise. Without that assist, they would probably have still risen, BUT I suggest the time-frame taken to reach the present profile would have taken much longer.


I've been through 3 mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs or whatever you wish to term them and there are always people on both sides who never sit easily with the change.....and I consider that normal. Anyone who saw the competition and esprit de corps of Okanagan and Associated Helicopters over the decades, just had to know that if one merged with the other that all would not be happy. One does not change their pride and allegience that easily after many decades of pride in their company. To say or suggest that all those on both sides who feel like that automatically turn into a "Fifth Column" is generalizing in the extreme and totally inaccurate.


Have pride in Sealand, CHI or what ever firm you work for, but I'll allow no man to slag a lot of industry-respected personnel or their company that contributed much to the industry as we know it now. I'll also take exception to anyone stating that Okanagan was poorly managed. You don't survive as long as they did in ANY business without doing more things right than you did wrong. When guys auger into the sky with a long-line they best keep in mind one Don Jacques, the name Kitimat and the name Okanagan that brought it to us and when they read -back their IFR clearance they best remember what company started that in Canada first and worked with D0T/MoT to establish the standards. I'll reserve the same rights and feelings for the CHI personnel IF/WHEN the day ever arrives that they too, are swallowed up by some conglomerate. I trust it doesn't happen because it ain't nice unless you weren't happy there in the first place. To some who know me, my position on Okanagan may come as somewhat of a surprise because I was never known as a "company man" and perhaps even a "loose cannon" in some respects. They had something though that a lot of large companies and many smaller ones don't have and that was "taking care of their own" and making you feel like more than just a number on a paycheque.......or as 407 Driover termed it... "like you were part of a family". That's **** hard to do when you have large number of employees all over the Globe and seldom see them........and yet you can call their wife by her first name when talking to her.....or even taking the time to look it up.

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Oh my! So you're a pilot and not an AME? I could have sworn that came up during an earlier scrap; my mistake and I plead the Blonde Amendment!  But it's not like I called you anything insulting. And now I shall humbly leave you to the AME wolves. Ha!


I am an AME, I was just playin wich ya!!!! B)


Just haven't had anything to scrap about lately and I was bored.

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