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Call For Volunteers?

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Not sure exactly how the situation is going to pan out in the coming weeks, however I can certainly anticipate many pilots timing out very quickly. Has anyone heard about a call for volunteers. Ground Crew, AME, Pilot? I have some vacation time coming up and I would love to lend a hand down there. I'd pay my own way down to Kileen or Houston and make my way to Ground Zero if need be. It's killing me just watching these poor people from the comfort of my well worn lazy boy.

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I just heard that air evacuations, SARS and other assorted a/c-related humanitarian efforts are being coordinated by several Federal agencies including the Department of Transportation, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. Air Marshalls are involved in airline flights of evacuees...and, of course, thousands of military troops are down there to help. Flights into New Orleans and the surrounding area are extremely limited and likely will be for a couple months, despite the fact that relief efforts will also endure into the coming months. Am just not hearing anything about private or foreign volunteer heli work, but surely there must be some going on...I dunno.


And as always, if you are able to or feel compelled to do so, donating money to the American Red Cross is the most effective way to provide support.


It is extremely hard to watch the aftermath continue to unfold, Chopper_Stew, that is for sure.


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TQN-----the civilian side is all being handled by "Landstar Inc" under contract. The airport stayed above water, but one operator is budgeting and making provisions for approximately 145/wk of flying PER machine. They even used helicopters slinging materiale to close up the break in the levee so that the Corps of Engineers could commence their pumping of the water from the city. My brother heads an organization that was onsite almost immediately and so I get some of this from the "inner sanctum" so to speak. I'm told that "utter chaos" is the only term that can be used and that certain areas are set-out to be supplied with water and MRE's. The a/c take off and arrive onsite to find that the drops have already been made and they then fly around looking for others in need so that they can drop in those areas perhaps.

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You always get the best info, Cap. :) Just breezed through DIA and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Internat'l, and both airports were full of teams of fresh firefighters headin' down south as relief/replacement crews. I have no doubt those pilots will need replacements soon, if not already!


In the midst of the chaos and pandemonium, there seems to be a glimmer of orchestration...once they get the remaining 10,000 or so people to evacuate and the water recedes more, serious cleanup and rebuild can begin. Gonna be a long, long road back...that is certain.

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Nice. Real nice. :) Yeah, President Bush caused Hurricane Katrina, although Al Quaeda swears it was justice served by their god.


I'd really like to see a thread that's about what the people of the Gulf states need and ways people can help not turn ugly FOR ONCE. Think that's possible? <_<



BTW, Mags: Which is it? Guilliani or Moore? Can't have it both ways, baby!

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I would surmise on your post of "head having to roll", you also mean that Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Carter and Nixon's heads should all roll as this has been a 50 year project and always has had funding issues due to one priority or another.





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