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Holy Smokes Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this an Aviation Forum or Politcs 101??????????


Cheers Mini

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It's all very simple really. For the last 5 years ALL levels of local, State and Federal governments have known that the levee facing the Gulf could withstand up to a Force 3 hurricane and associated wave action. Katrina was a Force 4 or 5, depending on the source you seek for information. This detailed study was commissioned by both State and Federal agencies and for whatever reason, they failed to improve on the levees. Therefore, those responsible for that inaction should pay a penalty. Unfortunately, we are talking politics and not someone breaking a rule in the Army or such. As a result, what many believe should happen to those concerned will not happen at all or won't happen in its' entirity. We know all about that in Canada because of recent and past events and so I think both us and the American public have the same cynical view on this issue. If the Americans want to remove George Bush from office over this, then they have the ways and means of doing so without bringing down the whole government over it and/or incurring the cost of a complete Federal election to do so. George Bush is but ONE THIRD of the American government and therefore he is entitled ONLY to 1/3 of the blame for any bad decisions or inaction. There are over 500 others in Congress and a humongous burocracy that gets to take the rest of the blame. That's to say nothing about State, Municipal and County officials also. As is normal, a series of Managers, somewhere down the ladder about the 5th level will shoulder the blame for all this and have their careers and reputations terminated forthwith. It's what is known now as "CYA time" and the rats will all run for cover.

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By the same regards though, the wise doom-saying scientists have been predicting that for years a giant earth quake would come and smite the state of California into next Tuesday. Ask people in Cali about it and they just shrug and say "meh", nobody packs up there stuff and runs for the hills. As long as the earth quake never comes, no one will care, BUT, god forbid the big quake ever does come the people of California will undoubtly be the first to stand in the streets and wail "No one ever told us, why wernt they ready?"


I have no doubt that really really smart peope knew 5 years ago that the levees couldnt hold, but I can picture how long their request for funding went.


"Sir, we need to build newer better levees, they can't withstand a Cat. 5 Hurricane"


"Well Petterson, how many Cat 5 Hurricanes has their been in the past 50 years?, and where are we going to get the money? the people want health care, city transit, welfare, stepped up defences after 9-11 etc etc etc etc. good luck upgrading something thats already working"



Theres a chance Earth could get hit with a medeorite someday, wheres our mederoite defence grid?

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tDawe, you put it in a nutshell very well B)


the problem is not with the politicians per say, but with SOCIETY in general :mellow:

we have built up such a beaurocratic society with bounderies of who can do what that in a time of crisis everybody is afraid of reprisel(sp?) if they make a decision that encroaches on somebody elses territory -- case in point, on the news last night, people just put hi-way cones around a rotting body, saying it was not their job to do anything with it--.


MAN, we get dead moose off our hi-ways quicker


IMHO i think that we are all awe-struck as to what is happening as were the people with the authority to do something, they just thought it was up to somebody else to take the lead :down:


will this change things ?? -- i doubt it, job protection you know

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The day I sit down for dinner with my wife :o and go down the check list SLAP ME PLEASE !!


The day I need to sit to go over a check list SLAP ME AGAIN !!


****, the day I sit period "SLAP ME" !!


The day I decide that I'm good enough, know enough and hence in a position to judge anyone or anything - LOCK ME UP !!


Never forgot that our opinions/comments etc.. are only based on mere knowledge and so they are worth what they are and have mere meaning.

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Hey Maggie as my daughter would say Take a Chill Pill. Guess ya cant see any humor in anything. Was just trying to be funny or but a pause in the political thread.Ya probably got that toothless smile from saying something like that to someone in person :shock: :shock: Better leave the coments about wifes and spouses to yourself.Thought all these threads were just talk between us.And believe me the last thing I talk about at the Pub is Work!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers Mini......

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Everyone is going to point fingers and look for someone to blame as they always have in the past and will continue in the future anytime a disaster like this happens. I guess in a perfect world everyone would pull together and use all this negative energy to help the ones in peril. Just got back from flying hurricane relief, installing power lines, towers, etc. and what these people need is more help and less bitching. Its going to be a long haul for allot of them.

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How's the old saying go ? " The sqweaky wheel gets the grease"


Those levees in the GOM just sqweaked...BIG TIME !!!


Politicians have one and only one item on their agenda: Reelection... :down:


Don't ever expect any of 'em to make decisions on things that "might" happen, unless it's something sexy like terrorism that makes billions for the defense industry. Building levees only makes money for hard-working construction stiffs... <_<


Had the pols spent the few hundred million on upgrading the levees, they would have saved their population a few hundred billion... :o


Oh well, hindsight is 20-20 isn't it ? :(

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