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Anyone that would give that obese pompous hypocritical self-aggrandizing a$$hole Michael Moore a shred of credibility doesn't have a clue!!! :down:


You can jump on the Bush-hating-wienie wagon and try and blame him for all the woes of the world, including hurricanes, but it definitely shows a lack of ability for critical thinking. You really want to attribute THAT much power to him? Pu-leeze! :wacko:

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I hear and agree with ya TQN, sadly and as always, its so much easier to pass a negative comment in one form or another or to judge someone's decision after the fact. Hind sight is 20/20, other people mess up - we don't of course, we would have done the right thing, we know better etc etc


Well personally, I can only imagine the gap of what is let known to the public as opposed to the real facts (all of them) regardless of the crisis (be it war, natural disasters etc). We are in no position to say squat 'cept that perhaps we're lucky and fortunate to live in basically an amazing country or area that see little or no disaster. So much is based on speculation. Our society is extremely spoiled and for some bizarre reason that gives us the right to point out things we know little about. However, because of this freedom of speech, or human rights etc... like anything else it is always taken to far and largely misused.


Definitely we are entitled to our views, comments etc... but lets fess up here, we do not have all the facts and knowledge therefore our comments should reflect the same. Speak your mind if you must, but get the facts and the picture first, no?.


Ahhhh, no offense to anyone intended, only my 2 pennies worth.

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...Gotta admit though, I am so amazed at what little I really know that it blows me away when I see or hear people talk and comment like they've known it all along, like its an obvious or a given or something in those lines.

I hear ya! :D


Parroting's Easier Than Actually Thinking: A Media Guide For the Mindless Masses.

Don't bother with the messy facts, truth, or tough reasoning. Grab hold of the latest conspiracy babble and act like a big shot know-it-all!



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I think part of the reason that Bush couldn't react to the situation in New Orleans is that he's been involved in much more important planning. Since he's supposedly responsible for the "conspiracy" behind the WTC disaster, the "non-existance" of the a/c that "supposedly flew into the Pentagon and ordering the fighters to shoot-down that airliner over PA, then one has to give the man a break. He is one busy man and can only handle so much, so tropical storms and hurricanes (there are so many after all) probably just overwhelmed him.

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