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Just wanted to poll the industry to compile a quick list of which companies are going to be doing heliskiing in BC this Winter. I am interested in expanding my horizons but don't have a medium endorsement yet so I'd like to know who'll be using lights/Astars and 407's. Additionally if anyone knows who might be 'looking' to add a pilot to their heliski rouster, please PM me.



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I've heard that there are a few changes in the Industry...mostly on the coast and NW BC.


What I know so far ( all rumors, please correct me if I'm wrong ) is..



Purcell Heli-Ski - Tasman 212

Great Canadian - 2 350's CHL will probably keep it, but Mustang was sniffing with B2's.

RK - Skyline 212 and the HY-Ridge B3

CMH - The Empire comes back, I assume :D

Selkirk Tangiers - Mustang 2-3 205's

Weigle World - VIH

Robson HeliMagic - Yellerhead (obviously, since they own it :D )

Crescent Spur - Airspan 205, Trent and Andre

Last Frontier - Bell II - Ralph and 2 - Tasman 407s' ???? (including AUQ, the Prairie Heli lease out of Gimli maybe? ) Gee, no Bighorn B2 this year ? go figure?

TLH - Wildcat 212's ??

Nelson 407 - haven't heard yet?

Mica Heli guides - Kokanee, Matt and the gang (Cathy, Tony)



Whistler crowds - too far away, no idea there?

Bella Coola ?????

Peace Reach guys ???

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Heard Tasman will be running 4 407's on skiing, 2 north of Terrace ( I assume Bell II?). 2 212's on fire in AU and 2 skiing.

Also heard Prism is looking at something with their 2 B2's up near bella coola


I heard Wildcts 212's were headed to AU for fire?


I also am looking for ski work for the winter(or lunch flying for a certain compnay if I could only get past the woman who answers the phone :huh: ). Lots of 350 time, coast, winter snow, glacier, and mtn time above 8000K. PMs appreciated with rumors or tips. Good tips yield lots of beer



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