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Helicopter Sales

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Thanks for the replies, guys. It was actually for world-wide since we do allow International listings of aircraft for sale. I knew I had seen a dual-piston somwhere - we have one for sale at:




I have it listed under a turbine spec page for now and will decide at a later time (if required) if I should release a twin-engine spec page for "Helicopters" (that''s for you, CTD) however I doubt it since they are obviously pretty rare.


Thanks, again!

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CTD ---- there are also some twin-engined aircraft that are certified in Canada and shouldn't be. I refer you to the S-62. Figuring out when the s.o.b was going to go back to idle without warning, was like trying to figure out when your wife's water was going to break when she was pregnant.


Sorry 'ol bean, I just couldn't resist that.9.gif

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OK I give up. As we say in good-ole Newfoundland, "When 10 people tell you you''re drunk, LIE DOWN" So, piston twins it is then. All three of them


Hey Mr. Chairman... I got to fly the Mi-26 in 1993, and it is one of the true highlights of my career. Also got a crack at the Mi-17.


Cap, I don''t know either feeling - I guess I''ll have to trust you on that one!

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I can understand how all these sprogs are lacking good gen, Cap, but surely you remember the Sikorsky S-56 (or H-37 ''Mojave''). It was a honkin'' big bird with a schnoz similar to the 55''s and 58''s, and the engines were on high sponsons on each side and, in turn, supported the main landing gear. Here are some specs:


Rotor diameter: 21.95 m

Length: 19.76 m

Height: 6.71 m

Weight: Empty: 9386 kg Max: 15000

Engine: Two P&W R-2800 Double Wasp - 2100 hp each

Speed: Max: 209 km/h

Range: Max 233 km

Service Ceiling: 2652 m

First heavy Sikorsky, could carry up to 36 troops


How''s that for a twin piston?!?


The 56 was famous for burning ''more oil than fuel.'' Those sweet old Pratts just didn''t like that particular installation, I guess.


Knew a couple of guys that flew them while on exchange with the US Army - Dooley Ross was one, for those that remember him.


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