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Helicopter Sales

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Hey there people. I am in the midst of upgrading our aircraft sales service. I am wondering "rotor''s" and "rotor times" are items that are reviewed upon inspection during a sale? Are they treated like a prop on an airplane?



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Thank you, muchly. a couple more questions if you do not mind.


So having something like "Rotor" type may not be a bad thing since I have seen types such as "High-Altitude"? Along with this, I am planning to put something in like TTSN (Time Since New) but would Rotors ever get an overhaul like a prop would? Sorry, I love choppers but my knowledge of the component times and workings is very minimal.


I am also wondering if there is such thing as a twin engine-piston helicopter? I believe I have seen a Russian make but I could be wrong. Just trying to cover all of the bases.


Finally, I know there are 3 engine helicopters - at least I think, how about 4? Again, just covering all bases.



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- Rotor type is irrelevant for 99% of your potential audience. The only aircraft that I know of that have a different 'rotor' available are the Lama and S61. The 'High altitute' to which you refer is probably the HA tail rotor kit on the 206L4. Maybe a section covering kits would suffice.


-There are no twin-engine piston helicopters. I'm sure someone will come on here with some obscure home-built just to prove this incorrect, but there are none certified for use here.


- There are two 3-engine helicopters that I know of, the EH101 and the CH53E. I doubt you'll ever be selling either on your site. To date, the quad doesn't exist.


BTW, it's a HELICOPTER. 'Choppers' have two wheels, handlebars, and an a$$hole sitting on them.

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CTD,I saw a picture of the prototype for the S-64...it had two radial engines on it.I think the factory though it looked and performed terrible and quickly threw on a couple of turbeans(spelling was never a pilot requirement)3.gif10.gif

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Mr. Chairman. ...but there are none certified for use here. Doubt Kyle will have many of them in his ''Used Choppers'' section.


For sale: 1958 Mi2. Rare twin. New tires and battery. Vodka holder. Hangar stored, never winter flown. Going at a bargain.




Dougie, I saw that shot. If it was possible for that thing to look more ungainly...



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