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Smoke Anywhere?

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yuk!! is it me? or is it raining from halifax to vancouver in this vast country of ours? had a nice little go in alberta in the middle of may....but then it started raining an hasnt seemed to have stopped since. dont get me wrong, i like discovery channel, but this is getting to be a bit much.(oilers playoff run has been a nice distraction)

anyone havin a little more luck then me? or is our firefighting fleet just a pride of lions, laying around the country waiting to "pounce" on whatever comes our way.

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I heard that on the beattle project in the grande cache area there was a little escaping burn pile fire that went for a few days....hahaha or maybe one of the bored pilots payed off a forestry dude to let it get away for some sport!


I do know they had a fair bit of iron on it for those few days anyway..just a teaser!

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70 fires broke out on the w/e in NW Ont.


Nipigon 20 being the biggest right now, within 5 miles of Ft. Hope and the evacuations started on the weekend with the rest of the reserve to be evacuated.


6 mediums and 4 bombers are workin it right now.


nuttin but hot & dry forecasted for the next week.

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