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Training In The Okanagan Bc

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so i'm at work today and my boss gets a phone call. he sees the caller ID and it is from ************ Flight School in another province...........


this person starts asking about the 300 and why we think it's a better trainer than say the R22. he is trying to sound like a perspective student. my boss starts going through the various reasons when this person starts to get hostile on the phone and finally says: "well what would you know, you've never flown a R22" to which my boss laughs and says "Buddy, i have 7500 hours in an R22 and I know exactly what they are about". Then the caller starts to waver and says" well the R22 is a perfectly good trainer".


then my boss asks him if he has read the National Transport Safety Boards 90 page report on the R22 in which they conclude by recommending that the FAA pull the type certification of the R22 because it is UNSAFE!


since i know you read this forum my friend, my boss is e-mailing you a copy of the report. the one that documents among other things, all the fatalities during training with the R22.


i have personally witnessed a pile of wreckage that 10 minutes earlier was an R22 on a training flight that ended horribly. so don't call my boss to whine that you don't like that i am posting negative things about the R22. there just ain't nothing else to post about them.....


and prospective students have the right to hear the truth............

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Welllll, that kinda supports that theory.


But dont let that sway you either way :wacko:


Fact seems to help.

I know that your boss (412D's boss that is) mentioned to me that one of the main commercial opperators of the 22 dropped it and picked up some 300s last year.


Cheers. B)

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There is a famous saying with statistics --- "there are lies, **** lies, and statistics".


I've noticed that each flying school tends to select the safety report that supports the safety record of their choosen helicopter, and conveniently ignore the others. Hence I take anything that a school says with a BIG pinch of salt.


I've just read today, for instance, that the UK CAA computed the safety record of helicopters in the UK over the last 15 years, and found the accident rate of the R22 similar to a JetRanger (actually had lower fatalities that Jetbox), and 4x better than the Schweizer 300/Hughes 269.


Pick your favourite helicopter, and you'll find a safety report that will praise it.


The major problem with all these reports is that low time pilots have more accidents, which means that the helicopters that these low time pilots fly always appear to have more accidents, even if they have identical safety characteristics. Thus great training helicopters always rank less well for accidents.




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I trained with 412D at BCH, great instructor and nice machines, in my opinion training on a 300 is the way to go rather than spending more to train on a 206. In the long run it really doesnt matter what you trained on unless its turbine which might get a foot in the door.

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...so don't call my boss to whine that you don't like that i am posting negative things about the R22. there just ain't nothing else to post about them.....


Wait a sec... didn't BC Helicopters use R-22s for training not too many years ago?


My appologies if I'm wrong.

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Jane, i would like to read that report. please post a link, thank you....
I am not at my main PC, so cannot locate the original link for about a week. I did do a quick search, and found (what seemed to be) a reference to the CAA report here ...




Though this implies it to be a 2002 report -- either it has been recently updated, or perhaps I missed that it was not 'just released'.



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