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Dominion-pegasus Helicopters Pilots And Engineers

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If I rember at that time in pickle we had John Harmon Myself John Row AKA Skid Row John Crlmer Jill Porier Gower Bronell who died later that year in a 47 Vick was the new Chief Pilot after the take over . also around in those days was Boogner with his S55 I rember they had it sitting on drums at king city while they changed it over to floates and it fell over so mutch for the S55. Burt Furnong was the base manager in King City of corse we had Earny Grant and I think it was Ron Boyd I later ran into a lot of the same crue at STH as well as Helie Voyager before I came west to Trans north in late 72-73 I ran into Boyd in the Yukon at one time but lost track of most people I never went back ease to fly once you get into the rocks you tend to stay



Hey, SkyKing, your initials wouldn't by any chance "GM" . If you are who I think you are, ya married a school teacher from Pickle Lake.

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I had an engineer instructor at canadore in 72 by the name of rod crosley..think he had come from dominion city....also a driver from my home town of walkerton was from dom/peg ...name was either doug

Hello I am Rod Crossley's daughter. He taught helicopters at the missile base/Canadore in North Bay. He is still around if you would like to contact him. Email me at buckwheatz@hotmail.com. 

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I was looking through "Just Converstion" and saw an item on TransQuebec Helicopters and it got me to thinki

ng about Dom-Peg people. I wonder is anyone knows names and what these folks are doing now. I'll throw out a few names to start with--John Rowe, John Gould, Buck Spears, and Randy Brading. Anyone else with some names and whereabouts. I started with them in the early seventies.

i hope so

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On 12/23/2006 at 5:30 PM, Night Hawk said:

Gary Gorgichuck and Len McTaggart both retired in Sudbury, Chris Franklin still twisting wrenches on old 76s also in Sudbury for CHL.

I trained with Gary and Chris at canadore

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