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Seismic For Sale.

Big Duke 6

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I watched them on fires in Kootenay Park Duke, they did well, nice equipment, pilots were OK, but mainly guys from AES.

I'm guesssing that they will do the same as everyone else on the Selkirk Tangiers contract...and roll over 205's !!! Hideous multi layer fog rain ZR weather in YRV, and working for a typical heli-ski HUN !! :down:

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Heli Inter has deep pockets...this is perfect, let the frenchmen duke it out and drive the rates into the toilet, again. if were lucky neither them or abishittiee will survive :D:D:D


airborne had one set of drills and did one job with them.


they took the 212 blades off there -17 205's...did not want the pilots to droop below 97% and crash!!! .....good thing they sold the drills B)B)B)

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Don't even get me started on this french / west thing...did a lengthy thread on the old forum bout this crap! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


next thing you know all the safety meetings and hazard reports will have to be bilingual, billingall, bungunhal, bingal what ever that other language is. :shock: :blink: :shock:


be lucky to get skids off by lunch time...


407, last seismic job i was on had an aes astar on it. guy flew like an idiot and will end up reading about him in the vortex i'm sure. mind you they say the same about me! :blink:



let heli inter and the rest of the frenchwannabewesterners look after the maple syrup, and we will tend to the oil and gas!!! thanks for comming out but no thanks!


i laugh everytime i see a "helicoptres canadian' helicopters" go by :lol::lol::lol:

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Hey VERT REF, you are hillarious, hallarius, hilairious, dam funny! I remember the old discussion on the old "other site" and if I remember right, I chuckled then as well! :P


Behave yourself, don't wanna read about anybody in the next Vortex ! Unless its under the rib receipe section that CTD's mentioned. :hide:



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