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Another bit of info in the saga of the frenchman's march west; I heard that after the purchase of a portion of Vul.. I mean Venture, the payscale, which during the high flying season was larger salary/smaller flight pay, is now going to be changed to the opposite just in time to save the company money during the slow season. If this is true shame on you Mr. Frenchman, if I'm only spreading gossip with no fact then I apologise... no I don't, STAY OUT OF THE WEST UNTILL WE CAN ALL COMPETE ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. RATE CUTTING TACTICS ARE DESTROYING THIS INDUSTRY. :angry:

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What I know..............the few pilots and AME's that I know who work for Mustang are all first class.

What I heard..............the contract pay is good (most everyone is contract), even better than the average....the Mustang machines are owned without financing and there is no hull insurance on them, allowing them to cut rates


I have nothing to do with the companies in question and don't know the company management at all - also not endorsing anything they are doing, just passing on tidbits to help paint the picture so to speak. will be interested to hear any other comments on this...

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The Mustang equipment that I saw this summer was top-notch, as were the guys. It's a shame that they are all quitting over this latest political fiasco though. The Revelstoke Ski job that they won will separate the Men from the boys, some of the previous Cambell crew are rumored to be stepping aside of the entire Mustang mess, so they're looking at NEW crew operating in that fog infested YRV sh%t-hole. Be safe boys, YRV is the world capital of upside down 205's...........

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I can attest to 407's perspective of Revelstoke being a nasty place to fly the ski crowd around, particularily if you have not had the luxury of several years of local exprience. Half a mile is the norm vis and if you have not seen the terrain in summer... well your pretty much just looking for sticks floating in a glass of milk.

Just ask the Selkirk Mountain Helicopters gang what an average day is like for them doing Lodge transfers and supporting CMH. Worked along side them last year, an amazing bunch of proffessionals. We had to call them in on a sling rescue for one of our skiers last year and were very, very impressed with their ability to accomplish a difficult rescue mission in poor weather. But then, they fly there year round. Nice having guy's like that around.


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