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It makes you wonder, when will the managment of most companies ever learn

that the most important part of a company is the engineers and pilots. The answer to that is "NEVER".

I don't have to explain to most of you how we as pilots and engineers are marketing ourselves and the company while we are out there working. How much flying would we get or

how long would we last on a job if we told our customers where to go and how to get there and didnt help complete the customers task in which they have set out to do.


I did hear that the under bidding on the heli-skiing wasnt just underbidding but

they should have just gave them the keys. How and the **** do these people run a business? Or expect to make money. Many questions come to mind, Are the machines safe? etc, etc. :shock:

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;) Firehawk, totally agree with ya! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over. (What The F~ck,over.) Why is it always the guys trying do there best for the operator, that wind up getting dragged through the mud, all in the the name of the old mighty dollar. Treat your employes with the respect they desereve, they represent you in the field everyday. THEY ARE THE COMPANY!! It's fustrating to see friends and collegues work so hard, only to be treated like cattle when it comes to a downturn, restructuring, or take over. I'm sure these are reoccurring issues that have plagued our industry for years, maybe an association will help the individual, to address such issues. Dooh! wrong forum again.... :D
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I can’t agree more with Big Duke and Firehawk, I’ve work for only 2 out of 5 companies that really gave a hoot and both go back to the 70’s. Nothing has changed since then c’ept maybe the players and names in management, I moved on because I could identify the problem areas within various organization and I took pride in myself to be considered more than a piece of meat or just another employee. I did not want to become a statistic......


“How and the **** do these people run a business” you ask, run the employees into the ground, pay them peanuts and always, always play the blame game. Place the onus on the flt crew and maintenance staff to “do as I say and not say as I do”. It’s always someone else’s fault, upper management in most cases will not accept responsibility for their actions.


I rest my case with the Heli-Ski contracts, and as far a the ships being safe……good question.

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