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Just a quick update - Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies is now in colour, but available only from my website, as by the time the bookshops take their cut it would have been too expensive (it's currently 150 bucks US - letter size)! I've got the proof copy through today, and it looks great!


The ordinary mono one will still be available in the shops though



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Books: Phil's books are a must, as are Shawn Coyle's "Cyclic and Collective"


For Advanced Aerodynamics, read the Helicopter Aerodynamics series by Ray Prouty (one of the most boring speakers I have ever heard, but his texts are great).


Learning to fly Helicopters by Randall Padfield is also a good basic text on how helicopters fly, and the myths around them.


There are a myriad of books to read, and they will all give the information you need, although some contain more than others.


You can go to Transport Canada's website and download their "Study and Reference guide" for ppl and cpl helicopters, if you know all the subject areas in that one you will pass the exam with flying colors.


AS for the aircraft... I'm perhaps biased (and my frame don't fit the -22), but I don't personally think it matters wether you train on one or the other, as the MAJORITY of companies in canada flies strictly turbine anyhow... A VERY few have R-44's.


Get 80 hours piston, 20 turbine, and listen to your instructor, he or she knows what they are talking about.


Be enthusiastic about even the most boring subject, and you should do well. Remember the bookwork is only a small portion of the overall license, and the license is a license to learn.


Get Phil's books, study them, take GOOOOOOOOD and ample notes, and ood luck!



Class 1 instructor

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Good advice, Winnie. Thanks


No need to tell me to be enthusiastic, I'm all that! And it's still 3 years or so before I go.


I've learned that it doesn't matter what you train on because the chances of flying it are slim. Atleast for awhile, and the company you get with with help you along when it's time. I however would prefer to train on a helicopter that MIGHT be used in the industry, atleast here in Canada (R-44) because it will make it easier.

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HeliFly, youll find the vast majority of the pilots here on vertical are from, and currently opperating in, Canada.


Seems like youve got a good head on your shoulders! My advice (pertainant to all reading materials) would be to read once through, taking notes in a binder, then read again and highlight all important material, and finally read all your notes and the highlited material once again... That was taught to me at the beggining of my PPL(FW) and it got me a 100% on the Pstar and the radio exam and is proving to do quite well on the final as well.




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I'm doing my training the US (Maine) on a 300 CBi. One reason is that the closest place to me to train is 2 hours away and thats what they use. I have my first hour under my belt and am 100% stoked to get back up. I'm a single dad with 2 kids, so going to a formal school full time is out of the question. I have to work my 40 and fly on the weekends (and still juggle the bills :D) but in the long run I think it will be worth it. The ultimate goal is to be out of my job and flying. I think I am looking at 5 years, sooner if money permits.


Thanks for posting the books, I'll look into them, the only ones I have right now are the 2 standard ones for the FAA. "Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge" and "Rotorcraft Flying Handbook" both put out by the FAA.


I'm taking a sight seeing flight for an hour today in an R44, my girlfriend got it for my birthday. This will be my first time in a Robinson, I'm going with an open mind as I have heard a lot of bad things about them.


I may start a blog once my training goes full swing for any one interested.



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