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Lamas In Bc


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About the orange lama... owned (or leased) by DAM, it just flew down the Slocan Valley, looked like it was doing powerline inspections about 100' (at most) above the lines. Cool to see just cruising along so close from my front porch. Sunday May 25th @ about 11:00 am. (date corrected by twinnie.. ;) )

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Hi-Wood Helicopters, of Okotoks, AB, has also just received a new (to Canada) Lama, registration GLOV... Very low time machine from the US... I concur with the consensus on the cool factor of a Lama... awesome...




P.S. Skully, perhaps you could post a few pics of the new addition to your family?

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Fantastic airship... we still use it a lot here in Switzerland, especialy for hot & high in the Alps. Hey Gab, does the one Paul owns have LOM's or classic blades? Here some pictures I took of ours... and another one of the Alouette III I flew during an avalanche rescue this winter : great aircraft too!!!






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Hey Frederic;


Nice pics, what altitude is the one of B3 and lama.


The one Gab took pics of has LOM(new) and the second one has metal. Will be interesting to see the real difference in the heat of summer.


It is like having a flying museum, people are really interested in it. The other day in Bell II, Bernd Van Doornick stopped by on his way north and had a nice visit. He has 16,000 hours on Lama and 24,000 total time. Was cool.


You get used to the oil and grease, is like LOV lotion,,,ha.





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The one Gab took pics of has LOM(new) and the second one has metal. Will be interesting to see the real difference in the heat of summer.

Oh yeah Plastic blades do make a big difference hot and high. You will get a bit more lift out of them. One of the problems is they are no longer in production. There is some rumor that a run may be made soon.


They are also not as repairable as the metal blades


Finding any blades for a Lama at the moment is very difficult. Some serial numbers require you to change blades as a set, which get real expensive.


My engineer and were talking just yesterday about metal vs plastic blades. Metal blades are much easier on the airframe. For some reason the plastic blades casue a heck of a lot more vibration. With the Hyd on it is almost unnoticable and it is dampened out. If you take the hyd off and compare the two you will notice how much rougher the plastic baldes are. Its pretty amazing.


Nothing like the smell of white oil in the morning!!





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