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Lamas In Bc


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There are are two new registred lamas in canada, GAWW of Dam Helicopters and GTHT of Thunderbird Helicopters. Would like to take some pictures, but I don't know where the Thunderbirds and Dam's lamas are. What kind of work are they doing?

If someone knows where the lamas are right now, please pm me.



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I saw one neon green Lama in Dawson city last summer I think it was THC. Don't know the name of the operator but he's a one man show P/E . Trucks it from job to job I hear, keeps it imaculate must say from a distance it was pretty cherry. But the neon green was not doing it justice IMO.

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Yes the Lama a true mountain Machine, older technology but simple and a real high altitude performer, have about 150 hrs on such. Gota like the Astazou screaming demon! Would be nice to see one flying by one day. Very Nice!





here's a pic for ya john, maybe you've seen it before. check out the pitch on them blades!! :punk:



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