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Well I agree with some of the points made, unfortunately I cannot concur that its a good place to work, too many head games. One would think that folks over 30 or in thier fourties or fifties would abandon the he said she said crap. The flying was very challenging and I would have improved with another winter. Its pretty steep learning curve. Some of the Captains like I said the older guys where alot of fun to fly with Ken for sure, I had a blast with him and if I made a mistake he said it to my face. Another fellow med driver was there to and he was great and let me fly all the time so I could get more experience. Can't forget Ryan although we never flew together he kept me superbly entertained, and definately had a gift for comedy, may have missed his calling. :lol::lol:


The rest less a few.. well won't go there.



Anyhow back to work.


Although my first post my have been over the top (especially for a first post) I was a little annoyed that everytime an IFR question comes up Helijet would get slaughtered by one person. I think it is perhaps not the people at Helijet that are the problem. You like to talk about the respect you deserve but do not give any in return. Besides that you do need to earn respect, it is not just given because you have so many hours flying. When anyone goes to a new company a little bit of humility can go a long way. I don't want to go on to much so I will just leave it there. As for working at Helijet it can be a great place to be. The money is not huge as everyone knows, but the pay scale went up not to long ago. You can obviously make more money offshore, having to accept of course being away for more than half the year. As for the people, I think being condemned by John speaks in there favour. :rolleyes:

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As long as your never too old to learn something new, your never too old to get your IFR.


The list of companies that fly IFR is a lot smaller then the list that fly VFR. So you may have to relocate. And they're are costs associated with picking up the tab for the rating. Pay scales at some entry level IFR operators are lower then you will be used to flying VFR work.


Some guys like blondes, some like brunettes. IFR is no better or worse then VFR, just different. Its all 2 crew, SOP based flying. A lot more procedures and talking on the radio.


Last time I checked every IFR outfit in Canada and CHC intl were all in some phase of recruiting. If you want straight answers as far as is the cost and the pay cut gonna be worth it contact them and see what they will pay for a guy of your experience.

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Congratulations Volition !!!! :punk:


That exam is not an easy one for sure. Now the fun part begins, haha.



Now he gets to look forward to the Hamra and the Haron.



Good times I tell you.


Good times.

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