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Calgary Training Accident


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Let's be careful and stick to the facts everyone...we know where Richard works but that doesn't mean that it was that school's machine was involved. There are also all turbine blue machines at Springbank that do training, and there are red and white french machines that are involved in seismic...that's all we know right now. And that no one was hurt which is the most important fact.



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CADORS Number: 2008C0326 Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern


Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Incident Occurrence Date: 2008/01/30

Occurrence Time: 2327 Z Day Or Night: day-time

Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0


Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYBW Aerodrome Name: Springbank

Occurrence Location: Springbank (CYBW) Province: Alberta

Country: CANADA World Area: North America


Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 89881-V1

TSB Class Of Investigation: TSB Occurrence No.:

Event InformationCollision with terrain

Aircraft InformationFlight #:

Aircraft Category: Helicopter Country of Registration: CANADA


Year Built: 1982 Amateur Built: No

Engine Make: AVCO LYCOMING Engine Model: LTS-101-600A-3A

Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land

Phase of Flight: Descent Damage: Unknown


Operator Type: Commercial


Detail InformationUser Name: Beauchamp, Carol

Date: 2008/01/31

Further Action Required: Yes

O.P.I.: Commercial & Business Aviation

Narrative: While conducting local training the aircraft did a stop and go and when about 50' in the air did a 360 degree turn and then went sideways into the ground.


Please note that for the most part, CADORS reports contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change.

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while googling the incident to try and find the operator, I came across this reply to the story on the globe and mail page and laughed.....someone decided to take a shot at the poorly written article. I doubt it'll ever make the newspapers smarten up and write correct info. but funny none the less.



Jo Blo from as far away from Toronto as possible, Canada writes: "CALGARY — A flight instructor says two people walked away without injuries after a helicopter crashed at a Calgary-area airport."


This could have been newsworthy if the only helicopter in Canada had crashed.


"Richard Alzetta says he was watching two people inside a helicopter practice rotations during a training exercise at the Springbank Airport when the craft hit the runway hard."


What was the helicopter doing when the two people inside were practicing rotations? What were they rotating? Or was it that they were practicing autorotations with the helicopter?


"He says a big cloud of snow exploded into the air and the helicopter tipped over onto its side."


I didn't think that snow could detonate! Did the explosion cause the helicopter to tip over? Heavens! Gotta watch those exploding snow clouds!


"Mr. Alzetta says the two people inside were unharmed."


A miracle, what with exploding snow clouds; Wow, what a scoop!


"He says an investigation will likely be launched into the incident by Transport Canada. "


Transport Canada does not investigates accidents. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSBC) does.


WELL Done Twisted Spar!! We always need a little tongue-in-cheek humour.

Best Regards


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Dig deep Sister, and you will get egg on your face.


why would i have egg on my face? Cadors was slow, thankfully Elvis finally pulled out the info. prior to that i used every angle to come up with an answer, I found out what I knew about the interviewed witness and left it at that....not once did I say Bighorn was involved. I left that to everyones imagination.

I guess though in hindsight I should have understood many people aren't adept at figuring things out on their own and should have tagged a disclaimer on the bottom.....

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Sticks down fellas...


Dunno why some of you got your panties tied in a knot. No one stated or implied BigHorn or Mr. Alzetta were involved.


I can't believe you guys can go off like that based on a shoddily written newspaper article. I personally found Jo Blo from Toronto's reply rather funny. Journalist who know little if anything about aviation misquote what they're told all the time. They try to embellish their pieces to make them more appealing to their readers... :down:


Exploding clouds of snow... What'll they think of next ? :lol:


If this had been a snowplow operator who'd gone into a ditch while in training we never would've heard anything about it. From the CADORS report, looks like a TR failure at the end of an auto. Maybe had the tail a little too low... JUST SPECULATING !!! No blame, no accusations. We're allowed to do that you know... :mellow:


Training season is underway boys and girls. Let this accident remind us to be careful out there...:)

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