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Cayman Island Helicopters

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There I was sitting in camp dreaming of far far away and I got HIJACKED Oh well may I will find a job with sunshine fewer bugs some other way.Just in case someone has the ultimate winter job that is civilized (not in a jungle in a tent)please think of me.

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Guest Bullet Remington
BR.....step away from the bottle.....back slowly away........... :shock:


Nah.. I have been known to move backwards away from a bar. But usually when i fall over the bottle comes with me! :rolleyes: Hair of the dog thing for next morning..... or something like that! :wacko:

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Guest Bullet Remington
Yeah right !! Here's Bullet backing slowly away from a bar !!!




Nope, that is soooo amatuerish! And looks uncomfortable!! Not only that a waste of a good seat but very uncouth!! <_< Where the heck is the driver suppose to sit to swill down his/her sissy drinks?? Not much of a team spirit displayed there!! :lol:


I usually quietly succumb to the desire to do a eye lid leak check by slipping quietly backwards, while maintaining a vertical posture, then impacting the horizontal surfaces with a dull dead body like thud!


There by leaving the seats and bar access to other folks NOT limited to drink quota's and sleep dictates like us vitally important engineers!! :blink::lol:


Class, nothing but class!! All Low but none-the less, nothin but class!! :rolleyes:

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