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Pay Cuts

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TQN and I will come up with something ;)

All right! Punishment time! :up: I've got a bullwhip. :shock: Whatchu got, R22? :P Sorry, L3...can't seem to find something that's not purple. Or without Jolly Roger. :rolleyes: Take me shopping! BTW, I don't think folks care much about spelling 'round here. It's the delivery that counts. :)

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I hope you mean you're bringing beer ;)


But I was actually looking for a sate for L3 for his fat typing finger :P:P


But as Elvis pointed out I might need to take my own medicine ;)


Oh !!! i'll bring you a couple of beer to get you relax and then....POP!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Don't worried about medicine, i got everything you must need.(Prep H)

Buba 's gona be there ....actually i'll be watching behind the cam :shock: .


Slitpin....does it making you wet??? :D

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