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You don;t know me and I don;t know you. I have read all the latest posts by you and I must say, as a 100hr wonder you sure do got a big attitude problem. You will go along way in this industry NOT. Oh yeah and I see your last word in the "Sling got a job" thread is that, your first job got delayed or cancelled, not sure. Well just maybe your Chief Pilot got to reading your rantings and had second thoughts? If you do happen to end up on that drill camp, you might want to change the attitude bit or I garantee you wont last a week.




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Remember this. Even if you are attacked and did not draw first blood,if you try to defend yourself you will be labelled with a bad attitude. Any disagrement on any grounds and the immediate reply is bad attitude. Its the way morons think! As as you will soon figure out there are many morons in this industry.I know it doesn't make much sense but its just the way it is. It can be as frustrating as teaching a monkey to play chess but things are what they are. :rolleyes: Best thing to do would be ignore the whole thing and carry on.


Good luck with the new job.



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Guest plumber
Sling: What are you doing looking at 'Gay Plumber' sites????


Does that "big plumber" turn your crank???


How does that wrench feel Sling. So much pain for one candy uncle pervy. :lol:




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Guest Bullet Remington
Wait a minute......doesn't JWR (aka: Happyfeet), have a younger brother???? :rolleyes::D





Y'all wanna pm me your snail mail address??? Had a mouthfull of coffee when I read that and it.s all over the freakin computer!!


The clean up is gonna be a bugger!! I'm billing you!! :P:P


ROTFLMBFAO!!! X 2!! :lol:


Wish I had written that!!!



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