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Degree That Works Well In Conjuncture With Helicopter Pilot

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Seriously??? Your a "Brave" man asking a question like that here!.........Fire away boys!


After 20 years in this business here are some of the "degree's" I wish I would have gotten!


Dr of Proctology....for obvious reasons!


Accounting Degree......To figure out my paycheque deductions!


Theology Degree......cuz I sure have said a lot of prayers over the 20 years!


Mathematics Degree......for figuring out NG cycles Rins etc... instead of just copying the previous guys entries, seriously have you seen the Eurocopter NG cycle count chart? I bet Nasa's earliest moon landing calculation charts were easier to figure out!


Financial Management Degree.....because I am certainly poorer now than I was as a 100hr pilot (I think???) also for helping understand my paycheque!


Public Relations Degree.....same reasons for Dr of Proctology Degree


House Hold Management Degree.......to bring some order to all the "Crew Houses" I have stayed in!


Engineering Degree (pinky ring kind)........To figure out all the different radios,GPS's, carousels,driptorches,bagrunners etc....because reading the non existent instruction booklet is for wimps! (I generally push buttons till it looks like its working)


Marketing Degree.....so I know how to sell a B2 that lifts like a 205 burns fuel like a 22 and is faster than a 139 with the operating cost of a hang glider! also so I can learn to expense my 4 hour lunch with the 2 18 year old hotties at Earls who aren't clients and can't even spell the words Exploration Program...... :)


Meteorology Degree......Because I have spent so much time looking at weather.....also combined withTheology degree because yes I have prayed for good weather (fires :D) and yes bad weather (Hangovers :(


Law Degree....... Obviously!! I've been doing this for 20 years could have saved a load on Divorces! oh! and a certain incident involving an "exotic dancer" in Pickle Lake....


Psychology Degree.......Last but not least! to understand myself because for some crazy reason after 20 years and of all of the above I still really do love my job!



P.s. sorry for the "Thread Hijack" but honestly it's all true!


P.p.s. I don't even think an Accounting degree would help in being able to read my paycheque! :)

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"In conjunction with"


So, English major? wink.gifbiggrin.gif

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Guest 47yrLowTimer

Become a Dentist or an MD.


There used to be one that worked out of Whitehorse if I recall. He had a pretty sweet 206.

Wrote it all off as a business expense (helicopter, training, fuel, etc.).


He used it to provide his services to remote communities.


Brings a whole new meaning to "getting paid to fly"

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What about going the pilot/operator route? You'd need a gas plant operator's ticket or maybe some petroleum technology education - might open some doors in the oil and gas world.




- Darren

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If you get a degree you can become an officer in the military and go through their training program. Although there is no guarantee you will fly helicopters. Not the easiest way to go and the hours might not pile up in a hurry, but if you have a degree already it might be an option if you are young and willing to serve your country.

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