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New Flight And Duty Time Regulations

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Corey take a breath and remember that a lot of people who are drowning kill the person who is trying to save them. I have filled the petition out and signed it. I will continue to pass the link to as many pilots as I can. As I told one person I don't care how they fill it out just as long as they participate.


Also let Julie know that pilots will bite the hands that feed them. As a group we think we know everything but that may not necessarily be the whole truth. Carefull I also fit into the biting group so I write from personal experience.


Once again thanks for putting this together.

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Thanks for organizing this Corey.


As we all know, this new system will not work for heli operations, especially small companies like ours. In our remote location, it is hard enough to get an experienced mountain pilot to come out here to work for the summer, and now send him home twice as much as we have been???


So much for fires. Once your days are due, you can kiss that fire goodbye as you will be replaced and probably not be returning. Camp jobs??? Expensive crew shifts?? Everything will cost so much more and pilots will be spending more time going home and returning to work than actually working. We spent time 350 miles northeast of Yellowknife last summer, I can't imagine how we would do crew change to and from Tatla Lake B.C. from this location! (we did miss you in Yellowknife, maybe next time we will stop for a visit).


Pat and I both happily signed the petition, if there is anything else we can do, let me know,


Mike King, President and Chief Pilot,

White Saddle Air Services Ltd.

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