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Faa/tc Licensing Agreement

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I'm using the Dauntless software, ATP group of exams, and specifically studying the FAA Part 135 Helicopter ATPL question bank. Unfortunately, Dauntless doesn't offer a study guide specifically for the ACH exam, so they told me to study all of the Part 135 ATP group of questions. It will mean I'll be up to speed on some subjects that won't be on my exam, but I'm fine with that.

As for "what's with all the excitement". Well, there may not be any jobs on international N-reg heli's. Now. Or next year. But what about the year after, or the next oil boom? My FAA ATPL will not expire and it will be in my back pocket when the opportunity presents itself.

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Ahh, I will too. I have a US CPL, but with my ATPL and the one type above 12,500 lbs I'd be set!


Thanks for the info!

. winnie, i got the us cpl too... Do you think it is gonna be even esier to get the ppl ? As we are allready holding a us licence, i bet it will ! Keep me posted with your procedure just to compare and see with mine. Apochepleine ! Salut.
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FAA ATP certificate completed. Took about 3 hours total to write the ACH exam in Helena then drive to the other side of the airport to the FSDO office to apply for the certificate. Very painless. TC, are you listening? Incredibly helpful folks there and ended up chatting more about Baja than scrutinizing the last required 0.4 of IF time. The gentleman had already carefully examined the revision to the IPL allowing the helicopter conversion so there was no need to hash that out. It came into force between March 4 and 10th and he figured I might have been the first to apply through the new IPL.

So now what?

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Thanks, and yes, you have to hold, at a minimum, an FAA class 3 medical to apply for the certificate. My class 1 medical downgraded to class 3 by being over 12 calander months old. But to actually exercise the privileges of the certificate I'd have to renew it.

Dauntless worked fine, but I could've just focused on air law and communication out of the entire part 135 ATP helicopter question bank. It's important to fully understand all aspects of the subject matter, as almost half of the questions were not verboten from the dauntless question bank.

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