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Pilot PPE What are You & Operators doing?

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Looking for comments on what operators are putting into place for flight crews.

Say Forestry calls us out on a fire - How are we going to protect ourselves... Tiger is selling the NIOSH mask which might be a good idea to have. But I'm not sure if the filtering they talk about is even protective. Hearing that operators are deeming themselves Essential Services only these days, while others are open for business as usual.

So what you guys doing if the phone rings....


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12 hours ago, simpleton said:

Oooo, yes....because a random pilot doesn't buy into the virus hype, I must be one of those evil company owners trying to running down my employees for a buck.


Lol. Quality thinking champ.

Virus hype? I guess you should take up smoking (I'm sure you have already) so you can debunk the cancer and heart disease hype too. Special kind you are for sure.

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