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Alpine Helicopters


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Hey there 407D!


I don't recall seeing that Golden girl, but it does bring back memories of that old Irish Rovers song 'Oh wasn't that a party'.


Thanks for the congrats.


I am happy flying the 212, the ink on my endorsement is almost dry. :up: The training with JB was awesome. The knowledge and experience between JB and WG is amazing.


I will have to wait until I put the old steam chicken to work before I try coming up with a new name.




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Looks like alpine is hiring again for the summer, lowtimes should be looking at their website and stopping in I bet




I have a "pre-interview" arranged there next week. I've already chatted with a couple companies, have lots more on my hit list and with a summer's flying already under my belt I might luck into some flying somewhere...


But Alpine is a bit of a dream job for me - if I can get a foot in the door it'll be worth a summer or two on the ground. Here's hoping! biggrin.gif


- Darren

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What is the expected time for ground crew to move to flying? 5 years?



I don't see a lot of opportunity for low timers there as there is just very little work available for a low timer to do in the mountains. It may be a dream job to some, but in the end, once you spend 5 years or maybe more trying to get to a 1000hrs, you get the glory of flying a hour a day delivering lunches. I know guys with 212 endorsements and a few thousand hours that fly 212 in the summer and deliver lunches in the winter in the 206.


In the mean time, a low timer could go to a Prairie company, get flying quickly, and build some hours. After a couple years you will have 1000 hours and can get a FLYING job in the mountains. Meanwhile, the Alpine guys are still working on the ground counting point 0.1's to get to 150 hours.


My point is, tying to work for a company in the mountains with 100 hours is a waste of time, there are faster ways to get to your dream job, but you have to make sacrifices and work in places you might not like.


my two bits.

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Any low timer interested in the truth should really stop reading this thread. If you want the true grit stop in at the Canmore base and/or PM Dusty Roads, Hoss or helifarmer. They've all been down that road and all have very successful careers.


Any 100 hr pilot to find a job having potential to fly where they pay you, don't bulls**t you and don't abuse you should consider themselves very fortunate. This is one of the places which has held fortune for many.


Good Luck

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For the amount of low time pilots there are not enough company's hiring. There's alot of company's that tell you they will get you flying and you end up working on the ground for years and you never get to fly. I have worked with a few guys that got there start with alpine. If i can remeber correctly. The one guy spent 2 years on the ground and spent another 2 or 3 years flying and he had about 800 hours when he was done. So if I still had 100hours and alpine gave me a chance I would take it. I have never heard anything bad about the company.

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