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Unionize The Whole Damm Industry


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Nah - union types tend to have their own agendas, and I have no wish to be a pawn in their little games. Mind you, the guys at CHL were getting some serios cr*p from the management, who needed the big stick approach, from what I hear. An association, however is a different story - and we do need some representation.



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Unions...what next an NDP Government? What a wonderful idea..introduce a union to protect our jobs and interests and watch the majority of operators go out of business because they cannot afford the crew. What good is a union if you do not have a job???? Socialist BS! Take take take and give nothing back to the people that you stole from!

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There are some things that I ommited form my original post that I should include as there are several reasons that support the unionization of the industry.


1. Better job security. :up:


1.5 Higher Wages (getting paid for the risk). :up:


2. A dispute mechanism between management and employees. :up:


3. Wage considerations and increases that are guaged directly with inflation and the cost of living. :up:


4. As one poster stated there will be some who could get forced out due to the requirement to pay highre wages, culling the operators will driver rates up! :unsure:


5. No more dismissals based on non safety issues. :shock:


There are benefits and detractors as with everything, this forum is anonymous so vote and let's see what the consensus is on this contraverisal matter. ;)


Gentleman we have a quorum! :up:



True that not all CHL has gone this way, but just watch it will spread. :shock:

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