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Airbornes New Mi-26

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As far as drilling rigs go, I'm sure it will be a little one. Big drilling rigs take two weeks to set up, and consist of over 100 truckloads. Even an MI-26 won't be moving a big triple.

A few decades ago my dad used to move rigs around the arctic with a S-64 + Chinook or S-61? + a couple of C-130 Hercs. I'll have to ask him what size rigs & number of loads.


I believe that they have at least 2 Russian pilots, and I'd imagine that they'll be the only ones logging any MI-26 time for a while.

So you don't imagine Airborne will be transitioning any R22 drivers into it soon? :unsure: Now that would be a serious s - t - e - p ! :lol:

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Diavik Diamond mines is using a MI26 to move an open pit shovel that was stranded this spring in Yellowknife when the ice road closed earlier then expect. The shovel will be cut into pieces and flown to the mine. Go to web site below for more info



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Mi26 neat to know stuff. The entire crew compartment up front is pressurized. Pretty neat uh. I believe gross is around 128,000 pounds.


PS: Also the reason they have 12 guys along is the same reason we would have 12 folks go to Russia, it's just to go there. The normal crew is five, 2 pilots, a comms and nav guy (hey some Cold War habits die hard), flight engineer and then a load master in rear.


I would just love to see it park besides a 737 and laugh at their poor little plane.

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