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Di Your A/c

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My god people. Weren't you paying attention?


Splitpinhead has already blessed us with his words of wisdom on this topic in his post of 02 Jan 06 and there remains absolutely nothing left to say, so stop all this continued blather about Daily Inspections.



Splitpinhead??? Jeeze!!

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Show of hands here......how many AMEs have seen the pilot fire up the aircraft with the blades still tied down?


delayed response because i just got back from the middle of nowhere.....


firing up with the blades still tied down? once! man that was embarassing enough to last a lifetime. lesson learned......


wrenches found during DI's? about 4....


rags? a few...


a while back i noticed the bolts on the pitch rods were put in backwards!


each and every time i brought it to the attention of the person involved ONLY! end of story.......

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Guest Camel Jockey

There are two types of pilots..... those who have started with the blades tied down and those who are going to........


I fall into the former

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Well its nice to see that some guys have the guts to admit that one. I too did the same once or twice. But the first was the best. Got it up to idle until I realized how stupid I was. Cursed and swore for about a minute. I'm sure they could hear me all the way to the terminal. Got out wiped the egg of my face and called the Chief Engineer. Lucky for me that it was a 206 and not the belt drive type.


How many a pilot out there have lost their fuel caps or Astar fuel cap keys?

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Didn't actually lose an Astar fuel cap (not exactly sure how), but did have one ride along in the flight step for a while. :shock: In flight, i looked down where the key is usually hanging and too my surprise is wasn't there!! Nearly @#$t myself and landed at the nearest site. Was mentally preparing for the phone call but it was still there when i landed. Lesson learned.

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Did my starting with M/R blade tied down during my piston days of long ago. The standing joke then was "so you were trying to de-glaze your clutch were you?"


The result of all this? Two-bladed rotar systems are ALWAYS started with M/R blade in the 10 o'clock position or there-abouts for this pilot. The result of not doing so can be much more serious for a turbine-powered a/c than a piston-powered a/c and happens much faster.

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