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Chick Pilots


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Hello mountainflier, welcome to the board.


Last season, I had the pleasure to be working in the same area as one of Remotes female pilots (K). She could drive an Astar pretty good far as I could tell, plus she was very professional and friendly. She also has the best Hind Sight I've ever seen on a pilot :P




I have worked with the two Remote female pilots before, and from what I could tell they sure could keep up with boys pretty good.

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popular thread... my CFI at my school is a chick (all be it fixed wing), and one of the other instructors acts alot like a chick. The CFI is a very calm and collected person behind the yoke, however, the CP of the same company is just as calm and is also very nice.


Dont see a difference in their flying (mind you, I do all of the flying now) except for some memory things, the girl likes to have chicklists handy for crossreferance on charter, and the guy seems to go off mostly memory.


I think I know the "Blond Bombshell" in question from 2005 in penticton, she was driving the 120 from Kokanee (SP?) and seemed pretty smooth (not that im very firmilliar with the 120, around here its mostly just bells and astars)


Have a good one guys. B)

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A buddy of mine in phsycology did a masters thesis on the differences in men and women based on sense of direction.


It was asserted that men judge distance naturally in learned measurements. When giving directions, men normally offer something like 2 km east on hghwy 4, turn north go 1.6 km, then east 5 km.


Women landmark more often, turn left at the church, go a few blocks, hang a right at the IGA, and go until you see the Tim Hortons on the corner on your left, turn left after it and go 2 blocks, it's a white house with a Ford Ranger in the driveway.


No significance in our industry as co-ordinates require an arrow to follow and mapping is measurements referenced with landmarks.


One of the hardest working and competent wrenches I've worked with is a 26 yr old woman, works at GSH now.


Oops, she's 29, also she started out with her R/W license then decided to wrench, gave up flying, thought she'd do better in maintenance. I'll omit her name, she might not like the praise.

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Well, since you've sorta kinda got the battle of the sexes goin' on here, I'm just going to play devil's advocate because I like to. :)


I wonder if the very term you started with, Hurler..."chick pilot"...doesn't feel a bit condescending and/or judgemental from the get-go to the women here. :rolleyes: Chick pilot. Chick wrench. Chick AME. Chick anything.


Just a curiousity. I hope some of them weigh in on it. ;)






Oh yeah. Welcome noobs Lineworker, Ace Star, Mountainflier, and Rotax1140 (yes, you're still a noob) to Verticalmag! :bye:

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Tqn....just remember the "source".


The women i know and work with in this industry ,have a sense of humour, " and" would make very short work of Peashoo......sorry, Hurler very, very quickly.


The vast majority of us that have been blessed in working with the female persuasion, are appreciative and grateful of what they bring (class).......anyone that would criticize and or slander are just neanderthals and or testosterone driven morons with low self esteem....... ;)

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Ohhhh! TQN lighten up! :rolleyes:


I don't mind in I am called a dude, or even an assH0le :lol: for that matter. I have the greatest respect for the FEMALE pilots I have worked with, most are very savy.


As for the bombshell, I don't know about Penticton!! I am in Alberta at an undisclosed location. :unsure:



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:D:P:D Yer so funny, Hurler! I be (en)lightened up. Hey, wasn't sayin' you were bein' disrespectful. No, I was not. I'm saying there are women...professional, hard-working women...who may just take offense on the job (particularly a job that is traditionally male-dominated) at being called "chick"...especially if looking elsewhere besides the face when you say it (geez, do I have to explain EVERYTHING!). Can be easily misconstrued, is all. Might make ya look like a neanderthal or sumptin'. But hey, what do I know? It's never happened to me. Pfffffft! :blur: Besides, this ain't "on the job." So knock yerself out. Literally. Ahahahaha! (Oh shut it. I'm just razzin' ya!) B)
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lol! 412


Dont forget ASSLHOE thats my favorite :lol:


Sorry TQN, the chick issue is too weak, and may even be considered a compliment by many Northern Hawaiians, in fact, at risk of bursting your bubble, this industry is fraught (is that a word?) with abnormal people beyond imagination.


I won't mention any of it (but hurler might) here.


Love ya bb :P

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