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Chick Pilots


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Concurent with another thread I did notice that there are 115 female pilots in Canada,how many that are active is unknown. (Just out of curiousity if a guy decides on a life altering change is she then considered into this 115 or is it when the licence is issued. :shock: )


More on the topic I have heard women make better pilots because there is no tostesteron to deal with.. could this be true?? I wonder what the accident stats say proportionally to the number of pilots. ??


The one thing I do know is that they should all be ugly because very recently I landed to the sight of a blond bombshell stepping out of a ASTAR and the distraction almost forced a hard landing. :shock:


I know that some operators even prefer female pilots..



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Interesting thought H.......i have worked with many female pilots over the years, and always looked upon them equally......... but i will say, "yes", they seem to have a more mature and professional approach to how they work within the industry....... lack of testosterone? Perhaps?


I for one would like to see more entering the heli industry, both in the flying and wrenching side...... :up:

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Hello Everyone,


First post here in Vertical. I have to say that watching the conversations in the various forums has been a wonderful experience thus far.


Well on to my post (and speaking of female pilots).


Does anyone have a friend on the DEA side (preferably in the Southeast US)? If any of you saw the IMAX (converted to DVD) Straight Up: Helicopters in Action movie, there was a behind the scenes section. After watching it end to end, there was an interview with a Blackhawk pilot for the DEA by the name of K. Kessel. So funny because she and I were at Embry Riddle in the same dorm (10+ years ago). I know those folks like to remain stealthy, but I thought I would touch base.


Thanks for a great forum! I look forward to posting more.


Take care my new friends.

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i have worked along side a number of female pilots both in the ifr world (helijet) and the bush. haven't really seen anything worth complaining about that a man couldn't do better ;)


i hope i don't need to explain that pun ;)


as far as that "life altering" thing mentioned i can only say, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY.....DON'T GO THERE!!!!!!!!! :wacko:



:punk: :punk: :punk:

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Hello mountainflier, welcome to the board.


Last season, I had the pleasure to be working in the same area as one of Remotes female pilots (K). She could drive an Astar pretty good far as I could tell, plus she was very professional and friendly. She also has the best Hind Sight I've ever seen on a pilot :P

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