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I am not a pilot I am an AME. And not a union memeber but quite the opposite having been a contractor for 6 years.


From my experience I am anti-union with the exception that I do think that it enforces safety on those not wise enough to protect themselves. The original need for unions to protect employee's was very real and it did solve the abuse of employee's. Since then laws have been established to tackle the earlier abuses. In today's world there is truth that unions cost a lot, and often protect the lazy/incompetent.


I do find these days that management are less and less likely to be from the job that you are doing. As degree's become the benchmark and positions are filled accordingly I find that there is a loss of touch with what the company actually does. In this case operate helicopters. In my opinion a good manager is one that realizes that they are managing their people and not concerned with climbing corporate ladders or cutting costs. Of course good managers are rare.


It seems to me that larger companies are acquiring a lot of management and are more concerned with cutting the cost of the service/product they produce. Perhaps unions are the answer to this, or perhaps a skilled, knowledgable, and financially literate work force is the answer. I do not believe in relinquishing the last three items to anyone but myself.


I am a very strong proponent of looking after myself, of supply and demand and dropping a bad situation. To me if the employee's are treated unfairly then quit. That is your strongest voice.


What I don't understand is why fight for a crappy job and try to force an employer that does not understand the value of their employee's into paying more? In the long run do you think it is the solution?

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In Norway were I'm from, the rules are a bit different.


There are usually 2 unions to a shop, one that is politically afiliated, and the other is not. You can choose which one to be a member of, or choose not to be a member. However, if you choose to not be a member, you loose all benefits that are negotiated through talks.


So here in Norway you get an extra week of holidays if you are a union member, because that was negotiated for.


Good system I think. But I do believe the CHL EMS guys have done good, and hopefully their work will have a positive outcome for the rest of the industry in Canada, as some of the companies need a little "push" to get to realistic levels, while others are very good. The one I work for currently (when I get back from my christmas holidays) is VERY good.




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Yeap... I was wondering the same thing.


'Seems that people are finally quite unhappy? But I also heard that CHC and other big ones were looking for a huge bunch of pilots...


Yes, there is lots of hiring going on out there. On the other hand, in my opinion, the EMS job that CHL has should easily be the best helicopter pilot job in the country. The flying is great, job satisfaction from the nature of the work is high, and you are home on a set schedule all the time.


CHL was, and I am sure still is, the problem.


All this discussion and none of our resident union proponents have discussed any contract terms other than the big raise. One that I've had related to me is that CHL now has the right to call in pilots on their days scheduled off to work in order to cover shifts, something that is happening with alarming regularity. The contract, I was told, has some binding language that these pilots don't like.


In the good old days, we just said 'no'. Or 'yes'. As we saw fit.


When it comes to safety issues I have never needed a union to prop me up to confront my employer.


I'm curious about the potential status of the competitors when the contract comes up for renewal. Will the current union try to recruit the pilots at the competing bidders? Are the competitors now forced to unionize to bid? Will it be viewed as union-busting if the MOH drops CHL?


I can't wait to hear from you.

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Yeap... I was wondering the same thing.


'Seems that people are finally quite unhappy? But I also heard that CHC and other big ones were looking for a huge bunch of pilots...


CHC and others can keep looking all they want. As long as there are guys like Campbell around offering excellent pay and bennys for 6-7 months work, operating excellent equipment, and a great working environment, and best of all , no politics or back-stabbing bast--ds to deal with!!! As I have said many times before on this site-- go to work- do your job -collect pay- go home. SO SIMPLE!!!

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