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407's, they fall from the sky TOO


TDK, what's your point?

Who said and where was it said that 407's DON'T fall from the sky?


If you're referring to my question to MAG about the reason for an Astar B3 on it's side on the Mesa AZ airport, a result of an apparent HYD failure, where exactly did I say that 407's are the safest type on earth. If and when a 407 tips over, falls apart, or flies a full load into the Grand Canyon Wall, perhaps we can discuss the situation then?


The question at hand is why this Native Air aircraft lost control. I'm fairly interested in MAG's opinion, as any HYD failure that I've experienced in a 350 has not been that big of a deal.

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At least there is not a new AD coming out every week on the 407's like there is on the 350's. If some of you are old enough to remember there were problems with the 206A model when it first came out in 67, the so called blue ribbon C-18 engine was falling apart, the C-28 when it came out in the L1 became known as the hand grenade and the Astars when they came out were know as the falling star. The company I worked for in the 80's lost 2 AS 350's in 3 days with the LTS 101 engine.

All aircraft have their share problems.........problems are only magnified when you are either a Eurocopter or Bell supported, then the other is flying junk. Personally I like the 47G4A........

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thanks for the link, ####, but now i'm a little confused... says he deactivated the hydraulics but would that cause the yaw?? i thought it would just make the pedals harder to push... :blink:


also, if he was spinning, would he not have wanted to take the power off and minimize torque?? i thought one of the reasons EC went to collective mounted throttles was for that exact reason... or was this machine built before that option??



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If the hydraulics are swithched off at a high rate of speed say 90 to 100+ knots the astar will have a tendency to roll, much more than a bell product. This is possibly mistaken for the yaw? I didn't catch where the yaw came into the conversation. The Astar also has that crappy servo system that we're all agreed on is a joke and a bad one at that. Also an astar with out the cheeks sucks just as bad as 206 and with the cheeks is slower than 47G!! One question for 407, since it sounds like you lots of experience with both aircraft: what is a better vision machine in poor weather conditions. Ie fog, slow speed and wet passengers and cool outside temperatures?

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Jumping in ahead of 407D's reply....


Astars are not as good in precip - drizzle, fog, light rain, as the shape of the windscreen doesn't allow the moisture to run off as well as the 206/407. probably a reason why Astars are designed to be equipped with wipers - unfortunately they don't have glass screens so very few are equipped other than a few corporate machines, otherwise one swipe on a dry dirty window ruins your whole day.

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