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Autorotation Or Run-on Landing

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Looks like fun, we used to do all kinds of run on auto's when training. All kinds of other ones too, some even managed to hit the spot.


Generally we'd practice the run on's for the ol' -just through translation and still over a runway when the engine quits scenario.- I must not of been very good at them because I still can't seem to make a runway appear under me when I need one.

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Here's what it looks like from the inside. This is myself and instructor with a 206 during training. We only did a run on to the grass once. I believe the theory was that even if something is a little risky, it's good to know the capability of the machine if required.


Or something to that effect.


I just remember laughing like crazy when it was done



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For the non pilot types, once you initiate a run on landing (on skids) do not on under any circumstance pull back on the cyclic or you just bought a tail boom.


Although these are shown at schools they are not practical even over open fields, unless you know what you are skidding on. I am talking practice only.


Real thing, anything goes. Survival of the people is paramount, machine can always be rebuilt.



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