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Building A Hanger, Ideas Required (pilots And Maintenance)

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A hoist on a sliding beam.


Benches along the walls with lots of power outlets.


A room with a downdraft table for sanding fiberglass or other composites, seperate from the main maintenance area so everyone else doesn't have to breath that dust.


Air compressor outside the building, in a seperate enclosed room if in a colder climate, with plumbing all around the perimeter of the hangar for plugging in air hoses.


Lots of lighting.


Washer and dryer. For seat covers and coveralls.

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Storage Storage and More Storage!


Big rooms with big doors(with no door jam on the floor so you can roll the stands in and out) to keep all of the engine and component stands out of the way.


Lots of different size, quality, sturdy work benches with wheels so they can be moved around.


Blade racks on the walls, out of the way.


Lighting..............like Grow op brightness!


Lockers big enough to keep your field gear in.


Natural Light....windows and skylights everywhere....but with one way mirror tint so people cant see in everywhere.


Good Heating and Air Conditioning with those barier heat blasters that help keep the cold outside near doors.


A few washrooms with a big whash basin outside the washroom with a few taps so the guys can wash their hands after work without having to bump into each other. And have a bunch of different kinds of hand wash. orange, pumice, regular soap ect.


Really Good Stereo System to pump the tunes on those all nighters.


Sweet *** BBQ pit outside with nice patio and outdoor beer Fridge:) wait......KEG fridge with tap on top.....and cocktail waitresses.................and a massage parlour.....................and a guy in a booth that can listen to pilots all day so you don't have to :)))))))





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Beer fridge.....Beer fridge......Beer fridge!!! This is a fun topic!


A heated floor is a must, with the raident heat, if you are working on top of a medium near it..you get baked....so you turn it down...then the guys on the floor ***** bout being cold!!!

A good 2 speed overhead crane....as was mentioned before...make shure it will lift and clear any components you plan to remove from the machine.

Lots of lights, power outlets, and air outlets. I love Bi-fold doors. A decent size paint booth, like a automotive side draft booth with a dedicated clean air supply, depending on the scope of work you are planning to do.

A clean room, a tool room, and a cleaning room. Lots of storage for ops gear, blades, and for storage of parts during helicopter O/H's

Large benches and also moveable tables.

As for offices......I think having the DOM and the CP offices next to each other makes sense, as they have to communicate a fair bit.....A nice space for tech records and the master copies of the manuals. A nice coffee room is always nice too!

Stores....Lots of organized space with a good flow. Also, look into a computerized stores parts sign out system and tracking system. Makes life easy.

Wireless internet thru out would be a nice touch as well.


My 2 bits.......or 3 or 4 :punk:


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