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Oh Really!

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I read the add for the job and at first glance you might say "why a university educated" pilot? Lots of guys and gals without them flying around. If you consider the type of customer this company deals with, maybe someone with a bit of education would be able to identify with them better, maybe, maybe not? I'm not saying that if you didn't have a degree you wouldn't be able to treat their customers well, I'm sure they would hire someone without but why not try to get the best you can? You have to remember that as pilots we are the ambassadors for our company and have a direct influence on the bottom line so you can't fault them for wanting the best person for the job. The bottom line is they can hire who they like and if you don't like it don't work there. I wouldn't mind a 407, might be kind of nice but then i have "my" machine and that's just fine too. One thing you might like to consider is that it's a small industry (in '06 i ran into 6 or 7 guys at Galore Creek that i knew from 14 years before and hadn't seen since) and you might want to think about not bashing so many heads. BE HAPPY!!! L3driver


You did your job right by posting this way, and all you said is so true....But!!! a degree ??? :lol:

donneedat!!! :P

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Guest plumber
Passion? If I hear that go*dam word one more time I'm going to walk over and give someone a massive boot up the arse. Passion equates to a complete lack of reality.




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