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Laptop Falls From Helicopter

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Pickle Lake, Ont. 1977

Working a fire contract with a 204B the pilot I was working with was lifting off from the bush pad only he and the OMNR spotter onbrd, as he lifted off with the bucket on the hook, I noticed that one of the four cabels had hooked a snag when he drifted left. I gave him a hold signal when he was in a 5 ft hover walked over pulled the cabel from the snag only problem he didn't wait for a go signal when I was clear. He pulled pitch and one of the other cables got rapped around my right leg. He was at about 300-400ft up and about 1/2 mile enroute to the fire when the OMNR spotter noticed all the crew on the lake side were waving and sceaming, he looked down as they were in a tight Nam turn as SteveeB was famous for and seen me hanging half way between the ship and the bucket, upside down and NOT Happy. Flight was made back to the same bush pad and as soon as the bucket touched down from his Nam flare bucket was released so there was Me and the bucket,me and the bucket blowing thru the bramble from the down wash. SteveeB just left with his other bucket he had onbrd, and decided to stay at one of the other fire camps for a day or so, for his own health. Me a few cuts, and a torn ACL

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There used to be a 47 in TQH's Matagami hangar that had departed from a 205 at altitude.


Then there was the Olympic 206 that was dropped by a 205 north of Chapais. "Chapais ..oops!"


Seems to me a high percent of slung helis never make it to planned destination. LOL


I have slung 3, fortunately without mishap, but the paranoia level was high - how many times can you DI a hook?


Had a 30 foot survey bird leave for the nearest swamp in Labrador - fortunately for me it was the customer's newfangled Kevlar cable that failed - ( best not tie a knot in it then cover it with tape.) Looked funny in the video - not so funny at the time - we recovered it and it was in remarkably good shape but it was U/S for a long time - good thing we had a spare.



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